Chapter 9

Written by: cynthiaclaire

Sarah lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. Hot tears formed dusty tracks down her thin face. "Fight back? How?" she asked. "I can't beat her voodoo spell."

Nigel sat on the bed and put his hand on her forehead. "You need to rest Sarah," he said with pity in his eyes. If only she knew that her very best friend had sold her soul to destroy her.  

Nigel looked at the doll with the ugly pin sticking out of its abdomen. He shook his head with disbelief. 

"Where did that thing come from? Why is the pin in its stomach?" Sarah asked, her brown eyes dark with confusion. 

He explained how he had gone to Diandra and stolen it. 

"The reason you don't feel any pain is because I reversed the charm." He gave a sly smile. "She's in terrible agony right now."

"Wow." Sarah breathed out a loud sigh.


Nigel was preparing to leave when Sarah caught his hand. "Did I hear Diandra screaming before?"


Her brown eyes were dark and pained. 

"I wish I could help her," she said compassionately.

Nigel jerked up tall with surprise. "After all she's done to you? How can you possibly think like that?"

His eyes became narrow with anger.

"Diandra chose this path," he said. His voice was hard and uncompromising. But he thought awhile and his face softened. He gave a small nod. "Diandra will be fine," he assured her. "But I think I'll let her suffer for a just a tiny bit longer..." He grinned.


Diandra twisted with the terrible pain gripping her.  Her cry echoed around the room. She was desperate. She had to find the doll or she would pay with her life. 

The silhouette of a man appeared at the door. 

"Help me please," she begged, her voice fading as another wave of dreadful pain gripped her. 

Although Nigel felt sorry for her he knew she had sold her soul to the devil. This meant that inevitably one of the women had to be sacrificed.

He would never allow Sarah to die.

Although Sarah failed to recognise him from their youth he knew he owed her a huge debt of gratitude from several years ago when he was a starving beggar that lived on the street near her High School. Unlike most of her friends, Sarah took pity on him and had often stopped to share what food she had with him. 


Nigel had always wanted to repay her for her amazing kindness at a time when his circumstances were so dire. He also knew that her best friend, Diandra, had a dark side.

Over the years, as his circumstances steadily improved, he kept a watchful eye on Sarah.

But now he was in a quandary. While he had promised Sarah he would save Diandra he also knew that the voodoo spell demanded that someone die. He had to do something to keep Sarah safe.


This is a good chapter Cynthia. Thank you for being part of the Story Mint and for working on your chapter so that it followed on from the previous ones. Not easy for a relative newcomer. Congratulations on doing so well.