Chapter 9

Written by: Suraya Dewing

Life is a bit rough. I know there are people who would say, “Neal, you bring it on yourself,” but no-one deserves to be tied to a bed with handcuffs.

I closed my eyes and played what I had just seen over in my mind. A policeman sat beside me and handcuffs fixed me to the bed. I opened my eyes again and locked eyes with a dark haired policeman in full uniform who looked very stern sitting in the chair by my head. He looked as if he was waiting to have a visit with me.

Why in God’s name was he there? I looked at his acne coated face and I also wondered how someone that young could possibly be out of school.

He grinned at me and that made him look even younger! What is this pimply faced boy in a dress up uniform doing in my ward?

“Hello,” he said, grinning as he leaned back against the chair and crossing his arms and legs. “Nice of you to join the land of the living.”

I scowled at him which seemed to make him huff up even more. Hmm self important little prat.

A doctor came scurrying in and the policeman stepped out of the way.

The doctor was more my age and he peered at me over the lens of his bifocals.

“Have we calmed down then?” he asked as he unwound his stethoscope. He put it to my chest and I winced as the cold stainless steel made contact with my chest.

“Hmm definitely calmed down,” he said almost to himself.

He stood back and let his eyes wander over my body. He touched my shoulder and I screamed.

“Yes, the other fellow is not much better. Dislocated shoulders are painful but you will recover just as he will from his broken jaw.”

I frowned trying to work out how a broken jaw entered the conversation. I desperately wanted to ask….’what other fellow’ but my courage failed me.

Nodding to himself, the doctor wandered away. I looked at the policeman, a question in my eyes.

“You were celebrating some launch,” he began and I remembered. 

It was the new tomato sauce campaign and we had lots of kids dressed up as tomatoes bouncing about the place. Nadeem stepped forward, Sheila beside him, looking gorgeous as always in her clinging white suit. She wore a multi coloured silk scarf around her neck that floated over her delicious cleavage. 

Then I looked across at Nadeem, all pumped up with his own self-importance, also wearing a white suit and white slip-on shoes. 

“I am delighted to announce that my brilliant tomato sauce campaign has trebled tomato sauce sales this quarter.” He looked smugly at me and that was it. I saw red. I dipped my hand in a plate of tomato sauce and smeared it all over his crisp white suit.

He should never have stolen my ideas for the campaign and claimed them for himself.