Chapter 9

Written by: Mrellan

The ringing startled Jason. He jumped back to the protection of the wall and silenced the phone. No one else heard it. Four shots rang out, followed by two more. Jason ducked instinctively. The sound of broken glass followed by a dull thud and his wife’s screams bombarded him like a shock wave. Two foreign speaking voices were having a heated discussion.
Sue was suddenly silent. The tension in Jason’s body was unbearable. He peeked around the edge of the door just in time to see a huge black man cut the head from Christine’s body with one powerful stroke of a long knife. Another black man walked into his line of vision through the sunlit strip on the floor.

Nigerians….Dear God, this is a revenge thing. Al knew better than to cross them with fake jewels. Why didn’t he listen? They’re barbarians!

A powerful hand gripped Jason’s arm tightly while another covered his mouth. He spun around; it was Lieutenant Smits. Over Smits’s shoulder was a cop pointing a rifle at his head. Smits removed his hand and pointed down the stairs. Jason shook his head and pointing to his chest, he mouthed the words my wife. Smits pulled him back from the door and motioned for the SWAT team to enter. More gunshots immediately echoed off the corrugated walls, then silence.
Jason’s heart was pounding. He pulled away from Smits and bolted through the door, calling his wife’s name.
The long narrow warehouse looked like a staged scene from a horror movie. The place smelled of blood and gunpowder. An open door at the other end gave more light than the few weak yellow bulbs hanging from the ceiling. A window to the left cast a gaudy shaft of bright sunlight over Christine’s body. The floor was slippery and pooled with blood. Two Nigerians lay dead. Sue was slumped unconscious in the chair. Her matted hair covered her face. Blood soaked her clothes. Jason knelt beside the chair and took her hand. Brushing hair from her eyes, he spoke her name softly.
A medic entered the far door carrying a large box of equipment and an oxygen cylinder, followed by two others EMT’s with a gurney. The paramedic took her other hand. “We have a pulse, it’s rapid and weak, but it is there,” he said placing an oxygen mask over her face.
“She’s lost a lot of blood. This is going to have to be a scoop and run. ”
“She’s pregnant,” said Jason to the paramedic.
“That’s even more reason to get the hell out of here,” the medic said.
Two firefighters cut her ropes and lifted her gently to the gurney.
“I’ll take Udall with me,” said Smits, turning to the medic, “but I’ll need a statement as soon as she wakes up.”

Lomax walked back through the door at the end of the room, “Lieutenant, the body outside is another Nigerian. Albert Fontaine is nowhere to be found. “



With only one chapter to go there appears to be a late development in the story. Albert is missing. What on earth is going to happen next? I don't know about other readers but this has been an exciting serial to follow so far. I can't wait to read the last chapter.
It gets violent and vicious now. The ends to tie up for this serial make the last chapter a difficult but do-able final act.
Mrellan, I do believe I hate you :) I have no idea what I'm going to write for the last chapter.
Sumanda, I will take that as a compliment!