Chapter 9

Written by: Hemali Ajmera

Emily was stunned! At first she could not believe her eyes. Was this another illusion out of the many she had encountered before? Emily’s confused mind was finding it difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal.

It was the old man from Glasgow!! Hadn’t she dropped the first silver sphere into his coat pocket? What was he doing here?

You are our only hope. You must go back to the human world for us to live.  

No words came out of the old man’s mouth, yet he was speaking to Emily. 

The man slowly walked up to where Emily stood and smiled sadly. He no longer had that ‘old man’ stench. Instead, an astonishingly pleasant fragrance and radiant light emanated from his being.

By now Emily understood that the silver spheres were crucial in helping a few “chosen” ones crossover from the human world into this new world of Consciousness. But what was thisprogramme’ and what was its purpose?

The chosen ones are meant to serve a specific purpose. Meticulous tasks and challenges are designed to select those who are capable of reaching the higher orders. Once they have reached a certain higher order, they will be sent back to earth to fulfill a mission.

Thanks to the silver column of light, any thought that emanated in Emily’s mind was promptly addressed by the old man.

And what mission is this, wondered Emily.

It will all be revealed to you in time. But right now, only you can save or destroy this programme and subsequently, our existence.  

Emily was still perplexed as to how the future of the programme and all these people (if she could call them so), lay in her hands.

You are the only one who can still move freely between our world and the human world. That is why you are unique. The rest of us are trapped in this parallel world because the silver spheres that helped us transcend have lost their powers. Unless you go back to Earth and get the Mother Sphere, we will never be able to complete our mission.

As the old man ‘spoke’, his face became grimmer.

The Mother Sphere? What was that and where was it?

It is the sphere that will reignite the powers that lay dormant in our spheres. It lies with the mystics who sent you to our world. But they will not part with it because they derive special powers from it. Hence you must steal it. This will be your last chance. If you are caught, they will destroy your soul. Then you can never come back here and we will all eventually ‘die’ away. Or else, we can all cast away our silver spheres and cease to exist.       

Emily felt like she had come full circle. She had started her new life in this parallel world with the old man and now, somehow, she was going to end it with him by her side. Or was she?




Congratulations Hemali. You caught the story and continued it, even using some of the style of previous writers. You have done an amazing job of capturing the characters and the story. Wonderful!
Thank you Suraya. The previous chapters were so darn good that I was compelled to come up with something that would at least match, if not exceed, the high standards of writing. This serial was truly delightful and I am glad I could be a part of it. I am sure Jasmine is going to end it superbly with her special touch.
Hemali, I hear what you are saying. sometimes you have to follow a series of fantastic chapters and think 'can i do it?' I have felt it many times. But what you have achieved with this chapter is truly fantastic. Be proud of it. Very good.