Chapter 9

Written by: Kalli Deschamps

“All this had to do with a Ouija Board?” Rose sounded skeptical. “What had you been drinking?”

I snapped! “You don’t believe me!”

She snickered. “It was a long time ago. What has that to do with a statue and a white hawk? We know about the wraith. Poor dog must have run through a sheet hanging on the clothesline.”

“ I just think we’re asking for trouble.” I stopped and grabbed hold of Rose. “Sit down for a minute and let’s try to sort this out.”

We sat on a bench at the side of the road. First was the fire in Grandma’s cottage; the lightning storm to put it out; the wraith. We had taken care of that. Poor dog. But the screeching white hawk was something else.  Then there was Brian and the shepherd statue; the twin sisters; the book of herbal recipes we couldn’t find and the history book we did find. Finally there was the inscription on the stone. What does it all mean and why am I so nervous?’

Rose listened patiently. “Is it your thought that someone from the spirit world is trying to tell us something?”

I nodded, unable to speak.

“But what?” she added.

“That’s the problem,” I murmured.

The hawk glided overhead to land on a limb above our heads.

Rose turned to me and said quietly, “You have lived in this village all your life. Places like this are alive with superstition; old stories that used to scare people to death. I think it was a form of control, but no one was smart enough to analyze it at the time.”

“Control by whom?”

“I don’t know. The church maybe.”

“Rose, you are being ridiculous. This has always been a wonderful place to live!”

“Then why is all this happening? Is there some corporation out there trying to buy you all out?”

That set me to thinking in a different vein. “I don’t know of anything like that, I’ll check it out.”

“Makes more sense than some obscure spirit.”

“What about the hawk?”

Rose heaved a sigh of frustration. “I don’t know. Just an idea.”

 Brian skidded to a stop beside us as he jumped from his bike. “I have an idea! I think we should return to the stone, set the statue on top of it and leave. Then we return tomorrow to see what happened.”

“What’s the point, “ I said.

“Who knows? Maybe the spirit will return. We’re not doing much good now. We can study the book. Maybe find a clue we’re missing.”

“I think he’s right,” added Rose. “At least we’ll be doing something.”

I shrugged my shoulders. So we drove back to the stone, placed the statue on top and went home to study the history book. The white hawk circled the stone.

None the wiser for our hours of studying, we returned the next morning to find the statue resting on top of the stone in two pieces.