Chapter 8

Written by: Abhimanyu

White ceiling…Black screen…Hanging Edison bulbs…Black screen…Pink pastel walls…Teak finish tables..Metal Chairs…Black screen.


It took Lucy a few blinks to realise that she was lying supine on a familiar softness. Inside a familiar place. Being stared upon by a familiar face. She didn’t like the place. She didn’t like the face.


“That’s twice in a day Lucy. You need to stop waking up in the cafe like that.” Mr. Shah wasn’t much pleased to see her rise from the dead.


“I am so sorry sir, please don’t fire…” Reality struck her a microsecond later. There was no need to apologise to this man anymore. Hazy-visioned she looked around.


“Where’s that woman?” She asked Mr. Shah. 


He didn’t reply. He looked dismal. The reason stood at the door. His physique didn’t do justice to his golf attire or vice versa. Blue polo neck about to rip apart. So were his beige trousers at his massive quads. Hands in front, right palm over the other hand, he looked at Lucy with his sunglasses on.


If dominance had a rhythm, it would sound like the heels of this mysterious woman, tapping against the marble.


“I am glad you are alright.” She grabbed Lucy’s shoulder. Her grip solid yet warm. Her voice, booming yet musical. She smelled nice, so nice that Lucy would believe anything she said. Even if she said stockings can be worn with open-toe shoes.


Mr. Shah, to Lucy’s surprise, hadn’t spoken a word in protest. He stood there like a yellow-belly. Angry, sure, but too timid to express it.


“Why did you bring me to this store Miss…?” Lucy asked.


“Laura…” she said and pointed at the store’s logo embossed on Lucy’s uniform shirt.


“Of course!” Lucy exhaled with shut eyes and raised eyebrows. “I don’t work here anymore though.”


“You quit?” asked Laura with a surprised look on her face. “Well that’s a shame now, isn’t it? Mr. Shah here wants to give you a raise.”


“No, no. He fired…Wait, what?”


Laura looked at Shah. Shah looked at Lucy, disgruntled. Shah looked at Laura. Shah feigned a smile. “Of course,” he said.


“See?” Laura smiled. 


She came close to Lucy's ear. “Lance and I are extremely sorry for our carelessness. Please accept this gesture as an apology.”


Lance, from the door, gave an apologetic bend to his neck. As if he could hear Laura’s whisper.


Laura straightened up. No crease on her black flared pants. No sleeves on her white top. She tapped her heels out of the store. Lucy was absorbed in the red bottoms of her Loboutins.




“Laura wait…” 

Lucy’s scream stopped Lance from shutting the backdoor of the white Benz. One heel still on the tarred road, Laura watched Lucy bisect the moving traffic. She huffed when she reached Laura’s car. She looked happy.


“Shouldn’t you be working?” Laura asked.


“I quit.”


Impressed Laura smiled.


“Teach me Laura. Enough of being a nail. I want to be a hammer. Just like you. Whatever it takes.”


“Whatever it takes?”


“I mean it.”




“Where are we going?


“You aren’t working for me in that.” Laura pointed at Lucy’s clothes. “Lance. Let’s get this girl some nice heels shall we?”


“If I may ask, Laura, what do you do?”


Laura gave Lucy a sparkly smile.




Liked the ending which was totally in line with Lucy's character but she has definitely got a bit of bother've set that up really well. Try adding more description in...l'd like to 'see' more of what Lucy is doing, how she is reacting and the same for the other characters. Just experiment with your next chapter. It'll help us get to know the characters more too. The opening had me from the first few words. Great way to start.