Chapter 8

Written by: PriyaS

Francis shook uncontrollably, her voice trembling between sobs.

“David and the others….. they might brush this off….. as another prank.” She banged her heels on the floor of the caravan and grabbed at his shirt and shook him. “These goons will kill us, Peter, and no one will ever know.”  

Peter gently scolded her while trying to remain calm. “Don’t be a pessimist.”

He took a deep breath and pulled Francis closer. It wouldn’t take the others long to come looking for them. He just hoped they would have the sense to call the police first.

“How about we call police?” Francis sobbed.

“Sure, why not? Oh, wait a minute. Now I remember, those goons snatched my cell phone,” Peter hissed sarcastically.  “Where’s your phone?”

Francis pushed Peter away and frantically searched her skirt pocket.

“I must have lost it,” she murmured, nervously biting her lower lip.  


David woke from his dozing with a start and looked across at Francis empty chair. Robin was still reading.   

Alarmed, he rose from his chair. “Where’s Francis?”

Robin stopped reading and looked at Lizzie, concerned. No one had noticed her leave. They both jumped up and joined David. 

“Another one of her tricks.”

Lizzie wasn’t sure if Francis deserved attention after the prank she’d played on everyone that morning and now Peter was playing along with her.

“I don’t think so,” said David. “I’m calling the police.” He ran across the clearing while Robin and Lizzie damped the fire and hid their belongings in the undergrowth.

Minutes later, as David finished his call, the pair heard him warn the police that ‘those guys are dangerous’.

He motioned the others to follow him. “Our friends have been kidnapped by a gang the police are after,” sighed David, “I’ll fill you in on the way. Bring a torch.”  

Stumbling through the tall ferns and tripping over exposed roots, David led the way through the darkness of the forest for several minutes until they reached the edge of another small clearing.

Motioning the others to crouch behind some stumps, he put a finger to his lips. Somewhere there was a marijuana farm. Peter and Francis must have got too close and discovered the hideout. The police were on the way and would look for the torchlight fixed to a tree.

Seconds later the three crept forward until they were on the edge of the clearing. In the middle of a rough circle of stones lay a pile of glowing embers.

David pointed to one side where a caravan stood under some trees, parked next to a small shack. A light shone through a torn curtain at the window of the shack and from within came the faint murmur of voices.

The three slowly made their way around the edge of the clearing until they were a few feet from the caravan. Leaving the others hidden, David crept forward.

“Whose there!”

David froze where he stood as a light shone in his eyes.

Priyanka Sharma (IN)









That is a small pocket of time covered in one place that leaves the next writer a lot of choices about which way to head. Good way to go Priyanka.
Yes, Ken, there are some really good possibilities here for the next writer to explore. Let's see what next writer would come up with. I believe, the credit to make this chapter this Good goes solely to Raymond. I just wish to remember few important points I learned while working on this chapter. Thanks Raymond for being such a patient and wonderful editor.