Chapter 8

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Sebastian’s muscles bunched as he flew through the forest, taut with exertion as he leapt from tree to tree all the while inhaling the scent of the night coming off the moist forest floor.

His hands were stained with Ambrogio’s blood. For a clan leader, Ambrogio had died too easily and without honour.

As Sebastian traversed the night, he considered what this might mean. It had been too easy… 

Ambrogio had appeared through the trees unchallenged and full of confidence. He could have fought me, he could have won.

Landing with a thump, Sebastian ran his hand through his already tousled hair. Vicki was foolish if she thought he had not known about her little affair – his bitterness was what had lead him to her courtroom that day.

Had her obsession to not love him – to not fall in love with him, driven her to some crazy conceived plan?

Vicki was so confused since the change. He had noticed her insistent fiddling of her talisman, her veiled questions about the curse that surrounded him. He had been patient, even let her run the end of a length of a rope hoping that damned affair would calm her nerves.

No, killing Ambrogio had been too easy, Sebastian thrust himself back into the air and headed for a church where he knew he would find some answers to some dark secrets.

With a dramatic sweep of his black cape he touched down, lifted his boot and kicked it straight through the church door. It flew past the pews to land several metres away in the aisle.

A couple of steps later he had Leonantis by the scruff of his neck. “Well, well Leonantis, what trouble are you brewing this time?” 

Leonantis took a swipe at Sebastien’s face, but his arms were too short and Sebastian just chuckled. “I think you are up to mischief old man, I just had Ambrogio walk straight into my clan and basically lay his life on the line.”

If Leonantis had a pulse he would have paled. “No, you jest. You must have ruthlessly murdered him, why would another clan leader sacrifice himself to you?”

Sebastian dropped the old man to the dusty floor. “The same reason all us old vamps seem to be losing our minds… Vicki!” He inhaled, and her scent caught in his nostrils. “Ahhh another secret, I didn’t sense her when I arrived but now I know she is here.” 

With arms outstretched he turned in a circle clapping. “Come out, come out wherever you are… Vicki. It’s time to play… and the rules have changed.”

A sound behind the deep maroon velvet curtain caught his attention, striding with purpose he had ripped it in seconds and pinned Vicki to the wall, her eyes level with his chest.

Reaching his hand down to her cheek, he lifted her chin. He stared into her eyes. “Vicki my love, I think you have some explaining to do.”


Terrific follow on considering this is not my genre and I left you with very little. I think the description is really good and an open end that leads into the last two chapters. My only regret is that it seems less and less writers/members are commenting on work, especially this good, and some serials are being left half finished. I know it's summer and holidays and all that but a comment or two should never be a problem. I liked this, Jasmine. I love reading your work.