Chapter 8

Written by: Hemali Ajmera


The hall was radiant and richly decorated with tiny, shimmering gold flowers adorning the walls. The high ceiling was set aglow by thousands of fairies flitting about with their illuminated wands. The floor appeared to be made of luminous liquid honey, only that it was smooth and solid to touch. Delicate pixies scattered gold dust everywhere, creating a truly magical scene. Dimes noiselessly moved towards their Queen carrying tiny jars of gold flower nectar.

Kali was seated on an opulent jade throne encrusted with rubies and sapphires. She wore a bonnet and a gown made of gold cloth. Hest of the Half End Fawn Circle (Sir Fawn) was perched on one corner of the throne, his eyes sparkling with amusement. The Dimes washed Kali’s feet with nectar. The fairies of Half End Fawn Circle removed her bonnet and placed a delicate crystal crown on her auburn head, effectively declaring her the Queen of fairies, Dimes and all the magical creatures of half the fairy world. 

Hest solemnly stood before Kali. 

“Remember, forgiveness and kindness always uplift a spirit above the rest. It is only befitting that as our Queen, who embodies only the best that is within us, you embrace these unconditionally.” 

Kali bowed her head in reverence. She had truly been blessed, just as Grandmother Aimes had said.


“What is this place?” wondered Sime, too astonished to utter the words.

The voice that led them out of the cave seemed to emanate from the firefly formation. The scene that the two miscreants saw upon their exit from the cave was surreal. Lush green meadows dotted with beautiful gold flowers stretched endlessly before them. A sparkling river wound its way down the lofty snow-capped mountains and flowed serenely through the lush plains.

“Welcome to the land of the fairies of the Half End Fawn Circle,” said the voice.

“Why have you bought us here?” asked Jay half awed, half irritated.

“I have been commanded to bring you before our Queen. You have tried to harm her and you must be tried in our land before you can return to your own. This is fairy justice,” the voice answered calmly.

“But we don’t even know your Queen,” retorted Jay.

“You know her well. Her Protector, Sir Fawn, has demanded justice for Queen Kali,” the voice replied.

“Kali? So now she is Queen Kali? What claptrap!” Jay snorted.

A tiny part of Jay’s conscience admonished him for his mean-spiritedness and wickedness. But the venomous tentacles of vengeance had gripped his heart rather forcefully. That he would get the chance to seize Kali again only sank the tentacles deeper into his heart.  

Sime was so shaken by his recent misadventures that the only thing that mattered to him was getting home alive. 

“Let’s just beg Her Majesty’s forgiveness and go back to the village Jay,” he pleaded.

“No, Queen Kali deserves to know the royal treatment that awaits her!!”