Chapter 8

Written by: Hemali Ajmera
Cody and Daisy sat next to each other in the plush Qantas business class cabin. Daisy looked at the clouds below and her heart soared at the thought of her new found freedom. She was free from Lucky’s stifling hold on her heart and her life.
Cody was sad but content. She had kept her promise to her beloved daughter. Justice had been served, bringing with it a sense of closure.
It was plain good fortune, ‘kismet’ as they call it in Hindi. The foursome – Cody, Daisy, Sekar and Shankar, had been very lucky, despite the staggering odds. 
After their fateful meeting at the modest restaurant, Sekar had promised to smuggle out a copy of case file by contacting a close friend working with the Delhi Police crime investigation department. Shankar, a pro at spying and eavesdropping, vowed to keep a closer eye on Raj and Lucky. Daisy had given her word that she would conduct a thorough search of the house to find any incriminating evidence. 
As for Cody, her aggression had yielded only disappointment. She had irked her adversaries and put them on guard. She knew well the futility of locking horns with the influential Singhs single-handedly. She needed something bold and drastic to pressurise the father-son duo into disclosing the truth.     
The power of social media became her weapon of choice. First she created a Facebook page titled “Justice for Jessica”. She then started posting accounts of the flawed investigation, marred by the power of money and connections. She soon garnered sympathy and interest, prompting her story to go viral. Not long after, she was approached by prominent newspapers and television channels eager to broadcast her daughter’s tragic tale – a pretty Australian barmaid who had left her country on the pretext of teaching English in India, fallen passionately in love with the son of an influential Indian businessman and had been murdered under mysterious circumstances was definitely news that generated high ratings. 
Cody received many offers of help as well as threats from self-proclaimed puritans who despised the idea of a foreigner exposing flaws in the system. One strong ally was a women’s rights lawyer who filed an appeal to reopen the case. 
In the meantime, Sekar’s contact in the police department had discreetly gathered sufficient evidence to prove that the entire investigation was biased to protect the real culprit. 
Daisy was surprised to find a gun license in Lucky’s personal safe. She did not know that he owned one.  It was missing but at least it proved that Lucky possessed a gun. 
However, it was Shankar who had hit the jackpot. Late one night he had noticed a dubious looking man enter Lakhbir’s home office through the back door and leave shortly afterwards carrying a small bag. As per the plan, Shankar had already placed a hidden voice recorder in Lucky’s office. The next day, Shankar was ecstatic to hear the man threaten to expose Lucky and learn that money changed hands.   
Now Shankar needed to find out who this man was.          


Aah. I'm writing the next chapter and you have given me a lot to think about. I have some work to do here. You've dropped hints throughout the chapter that I can explore and there are enough people incriminated that we can start reeling in ...Just not sure who.
Thanks for your thought provoking and as always tremendous story telling. I'd have liked some examples of the postings on Facebook. Maybe I can work with that. Loved it.
Thank you Suraya for your encouraging words. They always push me to give my best. I find that writing the end chapters for a serial is way more difficult than writing the first few. Tying up the loose ends and propelling the story to a logical conclusion is a formidable task. In that sense I feel that the last chapter writers have a great responsibility because how the serial will be viewed/judged entirely depends on how well they end it. I would have loved to cite some examples of Facebook postings. But one has to respect the word limit. I am sure you will take off wonderfully from where I left off and fill in the gaps that my chapter may have left behind. I look forward to reading your chapter and how you end it.