Chapter 8

Written by: Ray Stone

Everyone is screaming and then Jeremy screams louder – joined by his mother. Captain Bob’s voice is drowned out as the cabin reverberates to the chorus of frightened “oh my Gods” from the rest of the passengers. A ‘Mr Show-off’ passenger’s head pops up above the seat in front to him and there is a flash as he takes a picture of Aolani and me facing him from our seats up front.

“Sit down and assume the position,” I shout. And then both Aolani and I start giggling and crying at once as we both remember what that means in the military medical sense. Well, the man is an ass anyway, I figure.

“Brace, brace, brace!”

It’s the one word I never wanted to hear. Captain Bob sounds strangely calm as he gives the order.  We bend forward and there is a moment of complete silence before we hit the water, save one high-pitched voice.

 “That stupid hostess didn’t bring me my coke, mom.”

Bloody Jeremy – public enemy number one is gonna’ get his as soon as possible.  My calm air hostess ‘nothing gets to me’ mindset snaps as we hit the sea.

The impact is bone-jarring and the air is sucked out of me as the seat belt tightens across my stomach. Aolani and I hold hands and smile at each other with relief, realising we are safe for the time being. The plane has bellyflopped successfully and spontaneous applause and loud wailing is mixed with praise for Captain Bob. The first officer, Matt, appears and orders the front exit either side to be opened so passengers can jump into the water.

Everyone lines up and all of them have a life jacket on. Matt is assuring them that the U.S. Coastguard are not far away and will rescue us soon. I can see Mr Show-off in the line. He’s combing his hair and whispering in the ear of a young student type. She is grateful for the strong shoulder that he is offering and her eyes are full of adoration as she looks up at him.

“If it’s okay,” he tells me, “I’ll sit on the doorstep and slide into the water. My friend here is going to take some pics – purely for historical purposes of course.”

My foot somehow jerks and catches his ankle. He plunges forward headfirst through the door. There is a loud splash followed by choking. I look appropriately concerned as Jeremy’s mother is next in line, holding Jeremy by the hand. She stands nervously next to the door, while Jeremy looks up at me, picking his nose.

I grab a small plastic bottle of coke and hand it to him. “There you are sweetie,” I say, through bared teeth, “you can drink that on the boat when it comes.”

Stamping his foot, Jeremy chucks the bottle away. “Don’t want it now,” he screams.

His mom grabs the bottle and shoves it into his hands. “Drink it!”

Jeremy’s lips quiver and I smile nicely.



This is terrific. Great humour and underlying tension. And Jeremy got what he deserved to get...what a great character he is. Nice pace, fantastic descriptions of the people and their interaction. Loved the way the mother's patience gave out.
Lol! Loved this chapter. So full of excitement, humour, justice and in a fast paced way. As always, wonderful writing, Ray.