Chapter 8

Written by: Suraya Dewing

I could not believe I had just said what I did. The words tumbled out like some kind of acrid stream. But I realised I really meant them. Marty might have arranged my job with the IB but he had done a lot to cancel the value of that one good deed.


Mario beganto get restless. He flicked the gun at me. “C’mon, hand it over.”

Despite trembling, I defiantly tilted my head.  I held all the trump cards. The memory stick was only one part of the code.  I had check mated the handsome bad boy....for the moment.

I called my programme ‘Osmosis’ and the irony of the way this had come about struck me. My old partner and my new formed a peculiar kind of triangle that began with my grandfather and we all fed from each other’s knowledge of computers and electronics.

The wind shook the autumn leaves and I caught a glimpse of our shack. I knew where we were!

I thought I saw my grandfather, looking down….wizened face bitterly twisted by the betrayal of his partner all those years ago. ‘Osmosis’ would avenge that betrayal.

Filled with righteous indignation I stepped forward to challenge Mario. It was time someone did.

“Without me you’ll never get the encrypted code that fully unlocks the system.”

I planted my hands in the back pockets of my jeans and stood, feet apart. Mario’s gaze faltered uncertainly. I grabbed Marty’s hand on the way and we ran. The two men looked on, jaws slackened by surprise.

The sound of crackling leaves filled the air followed by an odd echo that told me our captors were in rapid pursuit. My grandfather’s smiling face seemed to glide before me as we came to a dilapidated and deserted house. I wrenched the door open, found the trap door and we tumbled down into the secret basement. The trap door fell back with a sharp tap.

We sat on the concrete floor, gasping. Dried leaves crinkled as I lifted a thick green tarpaulin to reveal a shining state of the art console.

“My God," Marty gasped. “What is this?”

“Osmosis.” I gave a wide grin. The look on his cosmetically tanned face was worth a million freshly minted gold coins.

"Where's the memory stick?"

"Here." I held it up. “But it’s no good without this.” I indicated the console.

Footsteps trampled over the warped, worn wooden floor. Daylight set a grid pattern over us as it obliquely leaked through the poorly connected boards.

Muffled voices oozed through.

“I know they came in here.”

I bit my bottom lip.

“Nowhere for them to hide.” I heard his partner reply.

I looked at Marty and smiled as I realised I was in charge. The key to ‘Osmosis’ was firmly locked inside my brain.


In a way, I was repaying him for all his betrayals. He deserved that!

Mario tramped and thumped around, impatiently growling, “They’ve got to be here.”

The trap door ominously rattled. 


From Romance back to Adventure. Good transition, both of you. It's always fun to watch the progress of these serials.
Clever way forward Suraya. "Muffled voices oozed through." We are becoming an inventive lot. With two chapters to go it looks as though there will be an exciting end. This also looked back into the past and reminded us that there was a score to settle. I thought this a well put together chapter.
Thank you so much Ray and Kalli. Praise indeed, coming from you both.
The story had reached a tricky stage and I was aware I couldn't bring in too much new information but that something had to happen to keep it going through the next couple of chapters.