Chapter 8

Written by: AzadehN

O’Connor took a few steps before falling on the floor and Mandy kept watching, making sure he was not moving.  Nadine never wanted to get rid of O’Connor but she was dead.

She mustn’t come back, Mandy thought. She had a lovely family now and nobody could take it away from her. She would protect them at any costs.

She took a deep breath and went to the bathroom to sooth the wounds on her wrist. Her reflection on the mirror terrified her as features of Nadine were coming back; her sly smile, the wrinkle around her eyes whenever she was stressed, all of a sudden all together. By washing her face she wanted to clean herself from Nadine but it was impossible.

It’s the right time to be back, I will need you, Nadine, Mandy thought, staring at her reflection in the mirror. Someone was tiptoeing into the bathroom. Mandy heard the footsteps and quietly grabbed a sharp razor from the cabinet. Her hands were shaking. She hid behind the door and listened.

“Mommy, are you there?” Matt whispered before coming in.

Mandy quickly put the razor in her pocket and opened the door.

Matt yawned and threw himself into Mandy’s arms.

“Wake your brother up, we have to leave quickly,” Mandy said, anxiously.

"Where are we going? Who is the guy on the floor?" Matt said.

"Matt, please do what I’m telling you, we don’t have time," Mandy replied.

Matt rubbed his eyes and ran to their room upstairs.

O’Connor was moaning on the floor, trying to reach some pills in his bag when Mandy got back to the room. He looked too weak to reach his bag but Mandy quickly threw out the bag with everything in it.

"Sorry, man, I have no other choice," Mandy said calmly. "Please Nadine, give me those pills," O’Connor begged.

Mandy didn’t answer, didn’t even look at him, just dragged him to the bathroom and tied him tightly to a pipe with a rope.

"You shouldn’t have come back, I love my family," Mandy whispered.

Now O’Connor could hardly breathe.

"Servany will kill you," O’Connor said, painfully.

"Don’t be so sure, old colleague, I always have a backup," Mandy said, cunningly.

She taped his mouth up, left the bathroom and locked the door.

The boys were already downstairs waiting for her when she got back to the room.

"Where are we going?" Matt asked, impatiently.

"Can you two wait for me in the car? We are going to get Harry Potter books," Mandy said, mysteriously.

They got excited and she gave them the key.

"Lock the doors from inside, I’ll be there in a minute," Mandy reminded them.

The boys left the room. Mandy went to their bedroom hastily and looked for a secret safe box under Matt’s bed.

She pulled out some folded cranes and dialed Servany’s number.

"The cranes in the antique shop are fake. Meet me today at the public library to get the real ones," Mandy said.


Mystery within a plot that moves forward. Mandy's character is really well written here and the dialogue is excellent. I liked the way Azadeh has merged smoothly into this chapter from the last and brought the serial to within reaching point of the climax. Although the drama at first seems to be at the front of the chapter it does actually carry on through to the end by the way the dialogue has been cleverly written. Nice chapter Azadeh.