Chapter 7


Brenda gave Helen to another mother with ease.  The limited contact with Helen gave her a strong desire to see her again: to feel attached to what she had created.  Hearing, touching and smelling a bloodline grandchild excited Brenda beyond belief.  Helen’s biological father had absolutely no contact with her.  Brenda dumped him when she was six months pregnant.  He was annoying. He got on her wick. He cried and wanted to stay but she said “No way! You were never man enough for me”! 

 Helen was an easy option to pass on with no commitment to another.

Giving up a baby at three months old gave Brenda the chance to get on with her life.  She wanted to travel the world. She loved being a cook on super yachts but she also loved her own fertility. She was experienced at giving up a child. She had no contact with the baby she had given up two years before Helen was born. That was a lesson she learnt from her own dominant mother

“Don’t wait around darling,”she had shouted at her. 

Now was the time to put things right. Brenda needed to find herself in the world.  Contact was part of her forward-thinking plan.


Helen looked at her phone checking Brenda got the message.

The reply came within a minute.


What Mary didn’t know wouldn’t harm her thought Helen

 I’m not against finding out more about my actual birth mother drove her. It was part of the legal contract for this interaction not to take place but there was no saying no to it.  This is what shook Mary. She felt a great sense of ownership too.


Stephen came in the back door with David.  Each of them carrying four bags of ice.

“In the garage idiots!” said Mary.

‘What have we got to put them in there?”

“The big freezer.”

“Alright mum.  Calm down. Jesus,” said David looking and laughing with Stephen. Michael slid the backdoor and ambled in.

“Hello losers,” said Michael in a regular ribbing-the-family way.

Mary looked up happy seeing all three in one room

“I love you boys so much,” she said.  Helen looked on feeling a little left out.

Mary grabbed her phone from the kitchen bench.

“All of you together.  This doesn’t happen often.”

Mary glanced at Helen but there was no pause in her directions.

“You too Helen. Don’t feel left out.”

Helen stood in front of the boys.

Stephen pulled her back and embraced her with true warm intent.

Helen in no way fended this off.

She loved those boys for always backing her up.

Dennis was last to arrive.  

“Don’t deny this chance,” said Mary.

“Get in there.”

Dennis went to the back opening his arms to embrace them all.

Mary held her phone up and hit the take-a-shot button.

She looked at her phone and said, “One more time and I won’t delete the other.”



Unique and interesting. This is like a fictional study of human behaviour. It is wonderfully done, Ken. An unusual structure of narrative followed by dialogue and each one a separate scene. I particularly liked the dialogue last part. It is easy to read and one line runs smoothly into the next. Smashing chapter, Ken.
I agree with Ray. I could see Mary checking her phone.
There was some nice human moments in this...