Chapter 7

Written by: Ray Stone

Leonantis' small bony body hunched over a small fire warming his stone cottage. It was his home in the forest since his birth and subsequent conversion some hundred years before. The old man looked wisely into the dancing flames before speaking.

“I know not your intent and need not know but I  urge you to think carefully. Such ambition has coursed through countless others over a hundred years gone by. All are now in torment below our feet. The goblet is the symbol of power for the family who guard it. You will take it with ease, but the Abandonato will come for you. Think carefully, Ambrogio.”

Ambrogio took the rolled parchment map from the old man. “Thank you, Leonantis, Your words are wise but I must do this for someone who betrayed us and another whom I love. My death means nothing compared to that of our enemy.” They shook hands. “May the Lord of Darkness be with you, Leonantis.” 

Two hours had passed before Ambrogio crept silently from the sacred place in the forest, his cloak covering the goblet.  Hidden within the land of Squire Arkright, was an old abandoned church now used by the the Abandonato family. They were not only the oldest but the most revered of all vampire clan. Used to anoint fledgling family members, the Marius Dynasty goblet was then passed between the immediate hierarchy, each sipping the blood of the new fledgling as the Ascension service reached a climax with chanted Latin verse. 

Unholy satan, bringer of enlightenment,
Lend us thy power, now and throughout our lives.
Endless glory shall be given.
Lord of hell, show us thy way.

Trembling but satisfied he had not been discovered, Ambrogio ran swiftly once he was clear of the church.


“I knew you would not let me down,” smiled Vicki.

A small fire flickered in the clearing, an earthenware pot resting in flames.

 “Give me the goblet and build up the fire. I need to work with haste.”

With the fire stoked, Vicki drew Ambrogio close and looked into his eyes. “Now go to Sebastian and tell him I wait to pleasure him. I will sap his strength in love-making and while he sleeps – that is when he will drink silver. Go now. She kissed him gently, knowing it would be the last time they touched. This night, he would die too, at the hands of Sebastian.


Sebastian woke from a light sleep with a start. Something was wrong. His senses felt a mutual feeling of hurt – something that affected the family. Around him, the family began to gather, all aware of impending danger.

Ambrogio appeared through the trees and stopped on the edge of the family circle. “I bring a message from Vicki that you should go to her this night.”

Sebastian sprang and clutching the messenger’s head, severed it with his knife, draining all blood.

“I know you do evil, he scorned the body. I will go love her, then drink her dead.”


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