Chapter 7

Written by: danaesidh

It had taken two days for the four of them to be in the same room together: Cody, Daisy, Shankar and Sekar. Sekar had well and truly gone to ground, frightened off by a visit from one of Lucky’s associates. Shankar’s time away from the Singh house in search of Sekar had been noted by some of the household. Appeals to virtue, together with questions regarding his masculinity, had eventually stirred Sekar to an angry agreement to meet Cody again.

They had each arrived separately at staggered intervals at a modest restaurant where they had been shown to a private room by a one of Shankar’s distant relatives. Cody realised that she had seen Shankar at the Singh compound, a figure invisible to his principal employer whose loyalty was to others in the household. The difference between the ash coated sadhu and this man was fundamental, yet apparently he was both.

Once Sekar had been allowed to bluster and complain for a few minutes, he realised that Shankar was right, there was something worth being involved with here. The two women, in their own fashion, were determined to find justice for Jessica. They had access to funds, he would not be out of pocket; working with Shankar meant he could not walk away. He would make the best of it and if Ganesha was kind, at the end of the affair, he would be alive, well paid, with a wealthy, grateful client. 

The police investigation and subsequent trial had been flawed, brought on by Lucky’s enemies and diverted by Lucky’s cash. The fatal pistol had never been found. The crime scene had been compromised, reports had been mislaid. Sekar had former colleagues in the Delhi CID who rolled their eyes at the very mention of the case. He would make discreet inquiries, but they would need to be supported by even more discreet payments to the eye rollers.

Daisy and Shankar were ideally placed to provide details of Lucky’s activities around the time of Jessica’s murder, and to gather documentation about Lucky and his associates. Shankar was convinced there was a connection between his master and the murder. His conviction, together with Cody’s arrival appeared to have transformed Daisy from fearful compliant to energetic nemesis.

It was agreed that official justice would be hard to achieve, given Lucky’s wealth and influence. Overwhelming evidence and good fortune would need to mesh well for that to happen. If it was not possible would Cody (and now Daisy) be content with a payback that involved Lucky’s public humiliation, if his involvement in the murder was provable beyond reasonable doubt?

Cody thought long and hard about this, she wanted public justice for her daughter. She understood the passion of payback, she wanted it to be sanctioned by due process as well. Her time in Federal Police administration let her see the madness that could spiral from private vendetta. So with heavy heart she insisted that any justice for Jessica must be formal.


Good chapter Neil...I really liked the way you brought in Payback. You also told the story in a way we could visualise it. There was the odd time when it fel like telling not showing but overall terrific work and welcome to the team!