Chapter 7

Written by: cynthiaclaire
Kali could not believe that she had made bees rain down so she could be rescued. She could see the Fawn was there eating special leaves and that made her realise she was hungry. He moved out of reach. The bees flew towards her and she moved backwards but she was trapped by a crumbly cold sandstone wall. She thought she heard someone say "do not be afraid” from the far end of the tunnel. A strange shadow was coming towards her. Her mother had warned her against this place. "Please do not hurt me," she cried as the thing came closer. “I could not hurt you even if I wanted to. You have been blessed by a special fairy and these kind bees protect you,” hissed the thing. Kali knew the thing wanted to touch her but as it got closer, bees surrounded her like a thick blanket. Before she knew what had happened the thing had vanished like smoke.
Normally being covered by bees would set Kali’s fearful pulse racing. But these bees seemed different. She felt connected with them as if she was part of them. She heard a soft tiny feminine voice. "Kali, we must go.” The bees!  They were talking to her and she looked closer. To her astonishment they were not bees at all but the little dimes she had heard about in the stories that her grandmother often told her. They spoke only to humans whom they had chosen to be their queen. Did that mean she was their queen, she wondered. 
No, it couldn't be. She would never have known about any of this if Jay and Sime hadn't dragged her to this place. Jay! Sime! She panicked. What would be their fate if the shadow caught them? Who knew where they would be by now she thought. She ran towards the tunnel, the dimes illuminating the walk way and leading her to the other side of the cave.    
Sime looked around and noticed that he was lying on a pile of skulls and bones. He jumped up. "We have to look for a way out," he shouted to Jay.  
Jay turned to look at what had distracted Sime. There were ancient inscriptions carved deep into the wall. They could see bees surrounding a gracious lady in a bonnet who seemed to be leading them to pray. Then, through the darkness, they heard the sound of running feet. The sun reflected on the sand was suddenly covered by a cloud encasing them in darkness. "Sime I can't see anything," Jay sobbed. Afraid, they wrapped their arms around each other and then Jay saw the tiny twinkling lights. Fire-flies! Where did they come from he wondered. They were showing them a way out. He tapped Sime on the shoulder and pointed. Sime couldn't believe what he saw. He was too astonished to utter words.
"Follow me," a voice commanded and they followed it out of the cave.


Well done cynthiaclare. You continued the story and gave each of the main characters a part to play in her adventure. Great idea to have the bees protecting her from the shadow. You have introduced concepts and ideas that writers can work with, such as the shadow. Keep writing. You have much to offer.
Wow, cynthiaclare. I loved this chapter particular the bees being little 'dimes'. What an imagination! Well done!