Chapter 7




Samantha shook while coping with this internal conflict.  Action is always in the moment; ‘just do it says Nike.  She pulled out her black flip top Motorola cell phone and began hitting the buttons.

“That was my dad I just saw. He is as brave as a lion.”

She looked at the screen briefly then hit send.


The phone vibrated and lit up. She looked down and smiled.  Her philosophy was to send a message to herself so she wouldn't forget a situation.  She knew she wouldn’t forget this one.

The keys in the interrogation room door rattled.  The large yellow metal handle was pulled down. Alan walked into the room with Inspector McCready just behind. 


“Alan has the wire for this mission attached now Samantha.”


Samantha looked to her left. Her father looked dazed and a bit vacant.


“He’ll sit here with you now.”


“Ok,” said Sam. “I’m not going anywhere.”


Inspector McCready was confident with this situation.  She left while closing the interrogation room door. Everyone needed to be kept locked up.


Sam sat across the table staring into her father's eyes but was unable to work his current state out. He stared back into his only daughter’s eyes with the same intensity. His head leant over onto his right shoulder.  A gentle smile started to emerge. Sam’s face warmed to an almost embarrassing red, and then he winked at her with his left eye. Sam stared. He winked again with his right eye.


Sam knew her father’s lifetime philosophy of deception. She understood that he was fully conversant with this situation, after all, he taught her to say yes in any conflictual situation in order to get through it. The moment you deny or say no to the accuser you are only making life difficult for yourself he used to say. Emotional warmth that only family can provide started to soak into Samantha’s skin. She knew her father was aware of what was going on.


The heavy door handle crashed down.  Inspector McCready walked in with a thick paper file in her right hand.


Somewhere in Syria.


“Thank you, brother.  All praise to you.” Shafiq closed his black flip top cell phone. He put his head in his hands, started shaking it while moaning lowly “No, no, no”.


 Abu Ghalib entered the room with authority. He did not take Shafiq seriously. He constantly berated him and treated him like a boy.


“The situation, boy?” demanded Abu.


Shafiq looked up while feeling beaten and wiped the tears and slime from his mouth. “The Englishman is in custody. There is nothing the London chapter can do.”


Abu looked with disdain at Shafiq knowing there was back-up needed with this event.


“We have control over him, don’t forget that boy.  We inserted that microchip into his brain while he was with us.  He will do what we instruct him to do.”


Shafiq livened up and looked to the sky while yelling, “Allah be praised.  Allah be praised.”


Ka-Pow! A shocking revelation that should be the start of a great climax no-one saw coming. This is surely what a good serial is all about. I thought this was a clever move. And a clever break of "Somewhere in" to avoid confusion. Really great stuff, Ken.