Chapter 7

Written by: Suraya Dewing

My brain goes into overdrive when the announcement comes through the speakers. My pulse races and perspiration streams down my forehead and coldly bubbles between my breasts.

Not that anyone would notice. Everyone is gripping the arm rests and their eyes are wide with terror. I am on auto pilot.

A piece of chicken I grabbed for lunch goes like soggy cardboard in my mouth and I start to choke. My eyes dart to Jeremy and for one naughty moment I think maybe karma is at work here and he will have to save me. Then I immediately dismiss the thought with revulsion.

But Jeremy thinks this is all a game.

“Mum” he shouts, “Woo hoo this is fantastic a real crash landing!”

Thin lipped, his mother tries to buckle his belt with shaking hands. But no, Jeremy wants to play this exciting new game.

That kid is now standing on the seat, arms outstretched and going, “whee…” He spins around, jumps down then trips over my outstretched high-heeled shoe.  Huh karma!

He looks at me with reproachful eyes and I just say to him, “happy crash landing.” My smile is icy as I growl, “Get in your bloody seat.” My heart palpitates so hard I think I have a heart attack coming.

Jeremy’s mother’s hair is tied back by a scrunchie. However, it somehow springs loose and a curtain of hair covers her eyes. Every time she tries to clip Jeremy’s seat belt, her hair obscures her vision. She keeps missing the clip. I go to help but wobble as the plane tilts. God! I can hardly breathe.

At last the mother gets the seat belt in place. Suddenly she comes to life, opens her mouth, and issues a scream so loud it reverberates right through the cabin. Everyone else seems to take this as a signal to follow and we have a plane full of screaming people making it very hard to think.

Jeremy kicks my leg. I almost lose my balance. I stamp my heel on his foot so hard the screeching monster buries his head in his mother’s lap.

I rush up the aisle making sure everyone has oxygen masks and their seatbelts firmly fastened. I look out the window and see, to my horror, water and only water. My mind slips back to that missing Malaysian airline. Are we about to be the second air version of the Marie Celeste?

The plane judders. I can hear all the rivets and pieces of metal rubbing against each other, straining against the captain’s effort to get us stabilised.

“Everyone,” I shout, “everything is under control.”

I hold my hand out as if calming the Red Sea and I think, ‘wow that was convincing.’

Then the plane jerks again like a dying whale. At last Jeremy understands the danger we are in. He is white faced and eyes are huge and terrified. I thought I would never see the day!



What a nice dramatic chapter. And at last, this little boy is getting his comeuppance.
Beautifully done, Suraya. I can feel the fear, especially Lasiandra's. As for Jeremy, he reminds me of some children i have taught over the years... ggrrrr!!!
A gripping finish. And I wonder what will happen next.