Chapter 7

Written by: Suraya Dewing

Diandra lay in her thin cotton nightie, her long black hair falling over her blazing eyes. 

The Night Watchman had caught her rummaging around in a bush muttering incoherently. He thought she was trying to hide but she had another reason. The full moon slid from behind dark clouds and cast a weak light over a shadowy shape lying at the bush’s root. 

The light, although faint, seemed to concentrate on the doll’s eyes making them glow an eerie green. Diandra closed her hand around the doll and, as the Night Watchman pulled her, screaming, away from the bush, she tucked it into the pocket of her long loose velvet dress. 

“You come with me, young lady,” the Night Watchman growled.

Her sharp small teeth closed over his rough hands and clamped down tight.

“Aach you little witch,” he screamed, flinging her away.

She landed heavily on the path and began scrambling to her feet.

He wrapped his arms firmly around her struggling body.

“There’s only one place for you,” he gruffly growled. “This’ll teach you to bite me, you horrible little rat.”

He let out a long loud whistle and an orderly came running. Together they bundled Diandra into the building where the mentally unstable were kept. 

While they were struggling to unlock the door to her cell, Diandra dropped the doll inside. No-one saw it lying there. As she struggled against the restraining arms, she hooked her foot around the doll and sent it skating under the bed so that no-one would see it. 

A nurse scurried into the room to help the orderly change Diandra into the thin, hospital regulation night dress. 

Finally, short of breath and panting, the three staff turned to go. The nurse stopped at the door and held Diandra's clothes for her to see. 

“You’ll get these when you leave.” She sucked in air. “If you ever leave, that is,” she snarled curtly.

Diandra suddenly became still and in the dull night light the nurse said, with venom in her voice, “That’ll teach you…”

Diandra's face screwed up into remorseful folds. Heartbroken tears poured from her large, black pupiled eyes. 

Sympathy welled up in the Orderly and he turned back from where he stood in the passage way. The nurse caught him by the arm. 

“Don’t go near her. She’s very dangerous.”

The orderly scoffed. “Look at her.” Diandra, curled into a broken hearted ball, set imploring eyes on him as she held up her torn nightdress.

“Please help me,” she pathetically whispered. “I just need a pin to join this.”

He took a safety pin from his pocket and carelessly tossed it to her. Diandra snatched it up. The nurse dived to retrieve it but was too late.

“Come on, what harm can it do?” the orderly mocked as he herded them from the room and locked the door with a loud grating of the key.


Wow Suraya! You have so beautifully carried forward from where Anna left off and touched upon Diandra's dark side once again. You have left the plot line open at a very interesting juncture for the next author. Loved the descriptions, especially that of Diandra.
Thank you so much Hemali.