Chapter 7

Written by: Ray Stone

I stood, stunned at the sight of Digger lying on the carpet, a pool of blood gathering to one side of his body. Tony stood over him, shaking his head.

“He got what he deserved,” he said through gritted teeth. “You don’t disrespect a Captain like that. You gotta remember that, Joe.” 

I couldn’t speak. I was too scared. My whole body was shaking, and I could only just hear Tony. His pistol shot was deafening. I just nodded, open-mouthed. It frightened me that Tony was so calm. He didn’t care. His arm went around my shoulders and I jumped.

“Tell you what, Joe. You go to Twinkles and meet the other two and send them back here. They can get rid of him.” He bent forward and turning his head, looked up into my eyes. “You don’t look too good, Joe. Go home after meeting them and get some zzzz’s. You’ll be okay.”

“I don’t want to be involved anymore, Tony.” I was still shaking, and I quickly brushed a tear from my cheek. There was no way I was going to let Tony see me like that. I was scared but I wasn’t a pussy.

“Joe, come on. I know this is the first time you’ve seen the makin’ of a stiff but once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. You’ll get used to it, stop worryin’ yourself.” He put an arm around me and walked me to the door. “Now go see the boys at Twinkles and get a drink while you’re there. Tell Kinky, the owner, to put you on my tab.

A half hour later I was sitting at the bar in Twinkles trying to figure things. I could understand someone getting wasted for murder, rape, or even stealing but for insulting someone, even if it were a Captain. It just didn’t make sense to me. This setup just wasn’t for me. I had to get away. If the cops knew there was a killing and who the dead man was, the Feds would be all over the place.

“Call for you, Joe.” Fingers the barman tossed me his cell and flicked a towel over the counter where ash from the cigarette drooping from his mouth had fallen.

I looked at the screen. It was my mother. “Hi mom.” I tried to sound matter-of-fact but failed miserably. 

“What the hell you got yourself into?” she demanded. “I’ve had cops around here asking to see you.”

My heart thumped. Both hands started shaking again. “What about?” 

 “Stolen whiskey and cigarettes. I don’t have to ask if Tony was involved.”

I breathed deeply with relief. “Nothing to do with me. Stop worrying mom. I’ll sort things out.”

The phone rang again as I finished the call. It was Tony.

“Yeah, Joe, I’ve taken care of it. The boys have cleaned up, and Digger’s been packaged. We’ll take him for a ride to the coast tomorrow and he can have a nice sea trip.”


I'm waiting for Joe to wake up and find its all been a bad dream.
Again I love the insight you give to Joe through his reaction to Tony's action. It is perfect in that we see a flawed character who is now part of something way bigger than his capacity to change course. It is excellent!
And this description is brilliant. 'Fingers the barman tossed me his cell and flicked a towel over the counter where ash from the cigarette drooping from his mouth had fallen.'
We get atmosphere, smell and even a sense of the guy from this one sentence. So clever!
Great nick names - Kinky and Fingers (: