Chapter 7

Written by: Iliena Bosu

The morning sunlight was trickling in as Mandy woke up to the melodious songs of the birds. It sure was more serene here than it was in the city.

“Having a house in the country someday would be so much better, you’ll see.”

Brad always sounded so excited at the prospect. Mandy smiled at the thought of her husband’s happy face.

“Good morning sun shine!” O’Connor’s booming voice shattered Brad’s image for Mandy.

“Sleep well, did you? Here’s your coffee.”

It was then, Mandy realized, that she was still tied to the sofa. The ticklish sensation, caused by the tightness of the tape, made her lips itch slightly. Every sound of verbal protest attempted against her captor drowned behind it. O’Connor chuckled at the low muffled curse words.

She’s still a looker. After all this time. He thought.

O’Connor yanked the tape off her mouth and the moment he did so Mandy screamed for help. However, she knew it was all in vain.

“Gosh, Woman! Dial down the noise. You’ll scare the fishes away in the stream. Since when did you become so whiney and helpless?”

Mandy’s mouth opened wide and her eyes grew wider.

He knows?

“Nadine, did you really think a mere cosmetic surgery would save you from Servany?” O’Connor smiled.

“Are you really that stupid?”

O’Conner was now looking deep into her eyes. All of a sudden, it all came screaming back to Mandy, the ugly reality of her fairy tale.

Nadine had always been Servany’s favourite moll. With an angelic face and intelligence like no other, she had found a special place in the old man’s heart and force. She was a femme fatale in the real sense; merciless and unforgiving just like her master. She was in her mid-twenties when Servany asked her to seduce Tony, a man he suspected had stolen his invaluable Chinese artifacts. Her mission was to get those precious cranes back and then silence Tony forever. However, Nadine fell in love.

“You had the audacity to go against Servany, fake your death, change your face and marry his arch enemy?”

O’Connor clapped his hand as if applauding.

“I bet Brad doesn’t know.” Mandy shook her head in silence.

“How did you know?” Mandy demanded.

“Let’s just say, you’re not as smart as Servany gave you credit for.” He smirked.

O’Connor leaned forward and kissed Mandy.

“You and I would’ve made such a good team, Nadine. But you chose to be Mandy.”

There, for a second, Mandy thought she heard regret in O’Connor’s voice and even though she did not want to, she felt sorry for him.

Mandy was about to kiss him back when O’Connor dropped down clutching his left arm. The tremendous agony of a heart attack was eventually evident on his face. Without wasting any more time, he struggled to cut off the rope as an act of one final good deed.

“It’s time to bring Nadine back.” He said in a low voice, before breathing his last breath.


Iliena has really got into this serial and has created a new twist, something all writers should practice. A good twist will bring a story alive or take a good story and make it more exciting especially if the twist creates another sub plot. Nice work Iliena.
So many wonderful twists and unexpected turns in this chapter. Excellent Iliena.