Chapter 7

Written by: Iliena Bosu

What began as a lovely, temperate day, turned ominously cloudy by the time we set out to investigate the inscribed stone. Consumed by our own preoccupations, none of us spoke the entire two hours’ distance. In addition, the fact that the hawk never let us out of its sight, from the moment we stepped out of the house, seemed strange enough to keep us quiet. I wanted to get this finished as quickly as possible. I looked at Rose as she slipped her right hand in mine, tapping the window with her left, looking outside. All of a sudden, her grip tightened around my fingers and she drew my attention towards the white, shrouded figure gliding ahead of us.

Brian had not noticed the apparition at first. Nevertheless, he lost balance of the wheels, trying not to collide with it; the car came to a screeching halt as he drove right through the floating. A gut wrenching high-pitched laughter instilled fear in all three of us – the spirit was not to be messed with. I looked up at the sky to see whether the hawk witnessed this or not. However, it was not visible. The dangerously quiet sky made me feel in jeopardy without the hawk over our heads.

Fortunately, the spot where the inscribed stone was supposed to sit was not far from where we encountered Shaphina’s apparition. Rose leapt from the car as soon as we reached the location, followed by Brian and me.

“I hope it is still there.” Rose’s voice rang with excitement. She was half walking half running by now.

“The stone ought to shed some light upon this mystery.”

My eyes were constantly shooting up, scrutinizing the sky for any sign of the hawk. It was like a good omen, a guardian, which watched over us. Therefore, when its loud shriek finally split the morose silence, I knew I was safe.

“Follow the screeching sound!”

We rushed to the spot, as the hawk beckoned us, without stopping to catch our breath.

“It’s there!” Brian said, pointing towards his right. “It’s there, I see it!”

As we hurried forward, we saw the hawk majestically perched on the inscribed stone, only to fly away at our arrival.

Rose had described the stone to us this morning, and true to her description, there was an inscription exactly at the centre of it. In addition, there were also two human figures depicted, representing the two sisters. The three of us sat down to read the inscription-

Two bodies, one soul,

Two sisters were born

To live as whole.


Break if they must,

The traitor must

Rot without form.


The innocent must

Rise as a winged Protector

And summon the storm.


Hide she must

Her secrets in earth,

Away from her sister

After she is dust.


Once again, I felt Rose’s hand on mine.


“I think I know where the book is.” She was beaming. “Come, let’s go.”


Iliena Bosu (India)


Gosh Iliena, it's amazing how your storytelling and writing have developed. This chapter was gripping and chilling. I had to see how it ended and you've left plenty for the next writer to get on with. You have picked up the genre introduced by Annette, tied things together and moved the story on. Brilliant. And in just 500 words!
Thank you Ms. Dewing. I was little skeptical about the quality of this chapter. However, when I read all the chapters in continuation, I think my chapter makes sense. :)
Well done, Iliena, what makes a good chapter even better is when the writer does something a little more original as with a short verse that creates more tension and mystery. Readers do notice this and will remember this chapter for its originality. Great chapter. Loved it.
Thank you Mr. Stone. I was hoping you would like it.