Chapter 7

Written by: Iliena Bosu

Far-far away from Jerry Carpenter, where he sat feeling good about the sudden turn of events, Kristof Kranz sat equally content with the not so sudden turn of events.

The day had been simply great for Kristof; with a series of good news. First, at the breakfast table, his daughter announced her engagement to her college sweetheart. Then later in the day, his doctor called to say they had finally found a matching kidney for him. Just about an hour ago, Gunter had called.

“Kristof, if everything goes according to the plan the Chinese uranium would be an easy catch.” His voice rang with exhilaration.

“That’s good news Gunter”

Fifteen minutes later, Kristof received another call.

“John Stuart and his lady friend escaped and are on their way to Trep Towers.”

Gunter’s reassuring voice always soothed Kristof.

Kristof Kranz was an influential men; loved by many but feared by all. His influence was so powerful that whoever dared to mess with him would either die or would wish for death at the earliest. This was the reason he never hesitated to consider himself next to God. But that was not always the case.

Born to a poor family, Kranz and his younger sister Jenny had never known luxury. His father Peter Kranz was an honest plumber while his mother Julia worked in the bread factory. Whatever money his parents made, a major portion went for Kristof and his sister’s education. Even though circumstances never looked promising, the Kranz family was always optimistic.

“One day things will change for good” his mother would often say.

On a bright and chirpy morning, Peter Kranz left for work early and never came back. Three days later, Kristof woke up to his sister’s shriek and rushed to see what happened. The shrieks brought him to the front door where his sister now stood white as a sheet and as still as a statue. As he neared the door, he saw a bloody sack on the threshold. His ears still rang with Jenny’s scream. It took him several seconds to realize that the bloody mess was his father’s mutilated body. That was the day he lost his entire family.


Kristof was fifteen when he was sent to juvenile jail for murdering the local loan shark with an axe. The police records said that the attack was in cold blood but it was very carefully planned and well executed.

Fifty years later, he now sat in his private chamber reading.

Once again his private number rang.

“Kristof, they have arrived. When?” Gunter’s voice had a firmness of purpose. He had always been the closest and most special to Kranz.

“All in good time.” Kranz hung up. Five minutes later, he dialed a private number. He hung up after it issued four rings and twelve seconds later he re-dialed.

Far-far away Jerry Carpenter answered his call. The last thing he heard was a loud explosion.

Iliena Bosu (IND)


This chapter has plenty going on and how characters fit into the story is explained and done well. Amazing where these stories go - started in Germany with a CIA agent and now Chinese Uranium. It'll be interesting to see how they are tied together in the next three chapters. Great pace!
Great pace set for the last parts of the story. Finding your dad's bloody body would be every reason for a revenge motive. Very good chapter Iliena.
What would we do without bad guys. A really well thought out chapter by Iliena and one that flows from the last chapter without jarring or making us scratch our heads. A good piece of foreshadowing that helps create a three dimensional character, piquing the readers interest that much that we want to turn the page. Roll on the next chapter.