Chapter 7

Written by: Suraya Dewing

The footprint was small, like a child’s. Bishop frowned. He looked around and could pick up no sign of a child in the cabin….navigation instruments, steering and a table with chairs, but no child sized paraphernalia.

He lifted himself up onto the chair and hoisted himself out through the open ceiling. With weight now supported by his hands, he looked about and saw a group of men through the blustering wind and sleet, gathered at the far end of the rig. Tied to a flag pole was Rankin. A man wearing a scarf over his face, sea-worn leather trousers and a wind jacket, stood in front of Rankin with a gun pointed at his head.

The wind caught the man and set him off balance. Rankin struggled with his bonds, hoping to take advantage of the momentary loss of concentration. Another man, who had been signalling out to sea using a torch, turned around. Seeing Rankin pulling at the ropes that held him, the man punched him, sending him sprawling to the weather worn deck.

Seeing this, Bishop dropped to the chair and tip-toed over to the radio.

‘May day, may day,’ he called into the wheezing microphone. ‘Help, we’re under siege from terrorists.’

A voice came back. It was Sherwin!

‘Thank God, it’s you,’ Bishop said. His voice rose in a dramatic whisper. ‘Get a boat here….’

He trailed off as the door handle turned. He ran to the chair, picked it up and slid it under the handle, jamming the door shut.

Bishop ran about trying to find a weapon, a gun, a knife. He pulled open a drawer and the contents fell onto the floor….normal things like compasses and maps. Just as he was about to pull open another drawer a flash drive with a chrome tag caught his attention.

Behind him the door was being battered and it was just a matter of time before it came crashing open and the men rushing in.

With his heart pounding in his chest and throat dry he looked around for somewhere to hide. There was nowhere. After dropping the flash drive into his pocket, he swung up onto an overhanging pipe and pulled himself up. He balanced there among the pipes and hanging cobwebs hoping that from below he would merge with the shadows.

The door crashed open and the two men he had seen accosting Rankin burst into the room. He held his breath and lay perfectly still. The men began searching lockers, cupboards, under the table but thankfully neither looked up.

The men below huddled, bewildered and conferring about what to do.

A touch of a hand on his foot made him squeak with surprise. The men looked up. Bishop pressed himself into the shadows. The young boy who had touched his foot held a finger to his lips. The men looked away. Bishop breathed with relief.

The radio burst into life, ‘Sherwin calling….we have a boat on its way.’

Suraya Dewing (NZ)


Suraya has written another action packed chapter full of intrigue and mystery. The introduction of a child is a new twist and now we know there are two terrorists aboard. Can our hero's overpower the enemy and disarm the explosives? Will Sherwin's boat get there in time? I feel like I am back at Saturday morning pictures 'when I was a kid'. I want to boo and cheer as the fight starts. Our next writer has a lot to work with. I can't wait to read what happens next.