Chapter 6

Written by: Diana Labrum
The next morning Toby had to wake Lucy at seven. for breakfast. Mam and Pa certainly never made her get up at any certain time. It had been almost 15 years since Lucy had been in school and she had not worked since she had been with Scott. He had promised her the world and after she escaped the abuse she had gone home and had not worked since. 
Lucy went upstairs to breakfast. Toby and his wife were sitting at the table drinking coffee and waiting for Lucy to appear. The breakfast was already on the table and looked terrible. They were eating porridge. There was a bowl for Lucy. She was hungry but was hoping for something more appealing. Lucy looked around the kitchen. The room was very simple, nothing like she had expected. Toby and his wife were wearing cheap jeans and t-shirts. Toby looked nothing like the distinguished man in the store.
Toby spoke first. “We have a lot to do to get you ready to work. I hope it isn’t too late. I helped your parents all those years ago and had hoped that you would be ok. You are a beautiful young woman full of promise. There is so much in the world to see and do but you have been blinded by owning things and shopping. It wasn’t until your parents contacted me that I decided to get involved. I believe I can help you if you’re willing to let me.”
Lucy felt like she had been punched in the gut. What in the world was he talking about? What about all the clothes that she had left at her house? Who was going to replace them? And he certainly couldn’t think that she would be happy in that basement room. She deserved much more than that. Couldn’t he see that? What had happened to that charming man that she had dinner with such a short time before? This wasn’t fair.
Lucy looked from Toby to his wife Mary, who looked very serious as Toby talked. It was a surprise when she spoke, slowly and very firmly.  “Your Pa said that you worked as a clerk in a department store up until 5 years ago. There are several department stores hiring at the moment. You can stay with us until you get on your feet. We will charge you $500 a month for room and board which we feel is very reasonable. An apartment in Los Angeles costs at least four times that much. Of course the goal, once you get on your feet, will be for you to get your own place … with a roommate of course.”
Lucy sat still for a moment and then got up. Her mind was reeling and all she could  think about was her next move. It was obvious that she would have to leave these people, but where could she go?  


Now reality is hitting home. Very good Diana. I liked the transition between her fantasy and her reality.
I enjoyed the way you made Lucy come to terms with her true station in life, that she was not wealth and couldn't live as if she is. A real "taming of the shrew" story.