Chapter 6

Written by: Ray Stone

“He’s awake.”

I heard the voice as my eyes slowly opened. All I could see was a strange long white face and two huge scary orange flecked eyes. My legs and arms were strapped to a table. Around me was white. A bright light shone down on me. My chest thumped. I was so scared, it was hard to talk.

“I’m Kraal,” said the white face. 

He took a step back so I could see him better. He was tall and thin and dressed in a one piece white suit. 

“I expect you’re wondering where you are.”

His long bony fingers touched my arm, and I tried to shrink back. “What’s going on, mister?” I asked.

“You are one of the lucky ones,” he answered. “Our force is saving whoever we can find alive before we finish the Drunagors for good. We cannot do this until we are sure the last survivors are rescued.”

I looked confused as he untied the straps holding me to the table.

“Let me explain,” he said.

I sat up and turned, sitting on the edge of the table. We were in a large room with curved walls, but there was no other furniture except another table with surgical tools and some equipment standing nearby. Behind it, two more white-faced people sat behind a window, looking at me.

“Many millenniums from now, Earth will be part of a Confederation of fifty worlds – planets, you call them. One of these worlds, Druna, will spend years building a fleet of warships which they will use to try to conquer the Confederation. Their ultimate goal is to control water supplies that are shipped out from ten of the worlds, Earth being one of them. Astro Command and the Confederation cannot allow that to happen. It would mean the end of everything we have achieved to create a peaceful existence between our governments.”

I felt I was in some kind of a dream. I knew I wasn’t as soon as Kraal touched me. “So what happened to all the people on Earth?”

“Vaporized. We are sorry, Ray but they felt nothing. Some, like you, survived. Now Drunagors are trying to kill off any survivors, and we have several ships around Earth trying to save them, mainly the young.”

“So you’re from the future?”

“Yes, and what has happened took place many years before the Confederation was formed. The Drunagors conquered here swiftly as you know and made Earth part of their empire. It was only recently that we perfected the ability to travel back so far. Now we can change the course of history and defeat our enemy before forming the Confederation.”

I scratched my arm.

“It will stop itching soon.” Kraal pointed to a small red mark on my skin. “That chip will record your medical condition and location.”

I looked confused.

“You have the right temperament and courage. We are sending you back to help find survivors, including Ben.”


I like the way you've structured this chapter, Ray. That's one epic backstory, but you've created a good balance with your protagonist's reaction to the current situation that he finds himself (yourself?!) in. Good ending too.
Thanks Linda. Comments and advice are always welcome and I thank you for yours. This is a new direction for me so I am treading water carefully. Writing for young adults + is not as easy as it appears. I think the voice has to be the right tone and consistent. That takes some doing but I'm enjoying the experience. The Stylefit helps a lot.