Chapter 6

Written by: Hemali Ajmera

Mahak gingerly picked up the piece of scented pink paper, hoping that this note would change the course of her life, yet again. For the past one year, her wishful anticipation each morning that Gaurav would come back had met an agonizing death by nightfall. His unexplained exit from her life had sucked the joy out of every living moment.

“Can you come here Mahak? I want you to meet someone special,” said Coach Singh, lightly tapping Mahak on her shoulder.

Mahak hastily put the note into her pocket and turned around to meet her coach’s guest. Colour drained from Mahak’s face as soon she recognized the person who stood before her. He was ruggedly handsome and had a physique to match. His mischievous smile reached his bright eyes.

“Hello Mahak, it was a great game. You were outstanding, as expected,” said Saumya casually as if they had had their last conversation just before the match. He was dressed impeccably in an expensive grey linen suit. Mahak could not help but notice that Saumya had pinned a red rose to his suit pocket.

Mahak was dumbstruck. First the rose, then the note, and now Saumya! What was happening with her today?

“Looks like you both already know each other,” the coach seemed rather pleased.

“Yes, we have known each other, but in a different time.” Saumya smiled, increasing Mahak’s confusion.

The coach seemed oblivious to Saumya’s remarks. 

“Mahak, Saumya is my best friend’s nephew. He arrived in the city just yesterday from USA and insisted on attending today’s match. He wants to sponsor our team,” said Coach Singh ecstatically.

“Hello Saumya. Nice to see you,” Mahak mumbled.

“You guys catch-up, I have to go,” declared the coach and left. 

Mahak was taking in Saumya’s transformed personality. He had always been a nice looking regular guy, mostly dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

Now here standing before her was a man who not only looked good but also knew how to dress and groom to perfection. His well-stitched suit accentuated his toned body. His shoes and watch indicated that he was doing extremely well in life.

“How have you been? I heard about Gaurav. He never really deserved you.”

And then Saumya whispered caressingly in Mahak’s ears, “I have come to India, especially for you.” 

Mahak was stunned. She had never thought much of Saumya except as a friend. Saumya too had always kept his distance and treated Mahak as his friend’s girlfriend, nothing more.   

“Can you meet me at The Chocolate Room at 9 pm today? There are some things I have been wanting to tell you. I will wait for you.” Saumya then planted a quick kiss on Mahak’s cheek and left.         

Mahak was overwhelmed by the intensity of the unfolding events.

Suddenly she remembered the note in her pocket. She unfolded it hurriedly and her eyes widened with disbelief as she read it. 

“Meet me at 9 pm today at The Chocolate Room. Love you. Gaurav.”



What a wonderful twist at the end. This took some clever working of the narrative and you pulled it off Hemali...smoothly and believably. The twist at the end is perfect.