Chapter 6

Written by: Diana Labrum

Oh great. What had my girls got me into? We all felt the same.

“Nestor and Esther,” I began when I could finally talk, “No one will ever replace your mum, but we could use a close friend and you two definitely could use a good teacher and tutor. Mrs. Irving seems to care very much about you.”

The girls wiped their tears. “We do really like Mrs. Irving,” Nestor said. “And we do like having her help us with our homework,” Esther said, “We just don’t want her to take mum's place.”

Well, we were all agreed on that. I thought about Amy Irving and realized that I enjoyed having someone else help with the girls especially these two active, busy girls. I missed that. She had been the best mum and wife and nothing was the same. But it did seem really great to share some of the responsibility with someone else, especially someone that appeared to care as much as Amy did.

The girls and I sat and cuddled for a few minutes more, then I hugged both girls and said, “OK girls let’s think about dinner. What do you feel like tonight?” None of us felt like eating so I decided to open a can of soup and make some sandwiches.

We sat down and I said, “OK girls you got me into this, Mrs. Irving is coming to dinner on Saturday night. Let’s plan what we are going to cook.”

Both girls brightened at that thought. They both appeared to be feeling better and more excited as they thought about it. Nestor and Esther started talking among themselves and planning the menu for Saturday. That was a good thing because I was not much of a cook and could use all of the help I could get.

Nester said, “I used to help Mum make that chicken casserole. I can make that if you buy the ingredients, dad.”

And Esther said, “I can make a really delicious fruit salad to go with it. That is enough dad. That can be both our salad and dessert.”

“OK good, I can at least handle the shopping if you two help with the cooking and planning.”

After the girls had gone to bed I sat and thought about Amy Irving. I found I had conflicted feelings. On the one hand I had become used to not socializing except with nine-year-old girls and their friends. It was enough for me at this point. But I did find myself thinking about Amy Irving and how fun it was to find myself laughing again. I smiled as I thought about it. And it was quite a relief to have someone else to talk to about the girls.

I went to bed thinking about Saturday night and in spite of myself felt an excitement building in me.


This is a beautifully crafted chapter. There is a rule in writing that in order for a story to exist the main character has to undergo some sort of change. This chapter illustrates that perfectly. This is not to say that every chapter has to follow this rule but where it happens in this story is perfect. Well done.