Chapter 6

Written by: Ray Stone

“My account in my own words?” I almost snarl as Donna shifts in her seat to look into Lucinda’s soft, appealing gaze that’s replaced the nasty rubbery smirk. “I can see where this so-called Restorative Justice is headed.”

“We are not going to get anywhere if you continue being offensive,” says Donna. “Just take a deep breath and recount what happened from your point of view.”

Donna has a stern look that Miss Horn, my Headmistress, used to cast around my class, daring any student to misbehave. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Lucinda is looking down at the floor as she grips Donna’s hand. Her bottom lip is quivering. Another few seconds and the waterworks will start. All that’s needed is a comforting arm around the shoulders to turn the tap on.

I sit back, sucking in a lungful of air, my anger at breaking point. I’m the victim of a drunk driver who calls me a dickhead. Lucinda raises her head to stare at me through moist eyes and then - yes, I knew it. Donna’s arm shoots up and over Lucinda’s shoulders. Tears are squeezed onto cheeks, and the shoulders shake. Wonderful acting.

“From my point of view,” I smile weakly as though concerned at the sudden change of emotion, “this drunk driver ran a red light, smashed into my Viper. As if that were not enough, she drove off without knowing if I were hurt or even dead!” I slap my fist onto the table.

“You’re shouting,” soothes Donna, mothering Lucinda. “All this is very upsetting for her. She admitted crashing into you. Don’t be a bully. You should be more understanding.”

This is too much. What the hell am I dealing with here? I’m the victim. Does anyone care? As I watch this ham acting double act, all self-control flies out of the window. Words flow like lava, unrestrained and unedited. My lips are moving, but I can’t hear my voice. I just see red.

“You call yourself a facilitator,” I shout at Donna. “Tell me, when is it my turn to hold your hand and have a cuddle? Better still, how about coming and sitting on my lap? That’ll make me feel a whole lot better and a lot more understanding.” I vigorously wave a finger in Lucinda’s face. “I wouldn’t mind betting you deliberately rammed me. You recognised me when you stopped at the lights. Now you’re trying to wriggle out of paying for your dangerous stupidity.”

“Okay, that’s quite enough,” interrupts Donna, untangling her arm from Lucinda’s shoulders. “I can see this meeting is going nowhere. I think we should calm down and take a break.”

“Take a break! Are you kidding? We’ve only just got started. Lucinda’s just warming up.”

Lucinda lets go a sob and wipes her eyes. I wish she weren’t Madeline’s sister.

“I think,” says Donna, “there’s cause here, considering your temper, to consider equal blame for this accident.”


Ray, I love where you are taking this and really enjoy your portrayal. I can really feel the anger and frustration.
This is so real I was in the room. I don't know who I feel sorriest for - Donna, who doesn't realise these two have history and is utterly confused, no doubt, the victim who seems to have no-one on his side or Lucinda who is just a little rat-bag. She seems to be playing everyone and appears to be getting away. with it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this drama plays out.
Thank you,ladies. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.
Good chapter. Restorative justice is about the victim. Donna is starting to share the blame around. That is not her job.
Thanks Ken. Always want to know what you think.This is really good subject matter that makes for a great conversation piece.
Very interesting idea, they both recognized the other. I love this story. My mind is racing with a dozen scenarios. where is it going next. Brilliant piece, my friend.
Thank you, Joe. Nothing like a good argument, is there?