Chapter 6

Written by: Kalli Deschamps


 Phil’s thoughts ran wildly amok.  Harry is the only love of his life. Here he is in the hospital with a probe sticking out of his head. His mothers death was expected, but still, she was his mother and they were always very close. Her business? Did he even want it? Is he capable of running it? And Mary? Where is that going? Even with their son lying near death she has to continue her miserable belittling of him. He was hoping this terrible tragedy might bring them together. God knows he is trying. He wondered if she had always been so sarcastic – so cruel? He didn’t think so. He could recall the time when they were in love. That was when his heart lurched every timer she was near and when she told him she was pregnant he could hardly contain his excitement. And here he is, a neat little boy lying in a hospital bed with a probe sticking in his head and asking for his favourite teddy bear.

            “Hello, Mary – Phil. How is Harry?”

           Thy look up and smile weakly.”

            Mary and Phil sit in a couple of hard chairs near Harry.

            Mike’s tone is apologetic as he turns toward Phil. “I’m really sorry to intrude but we have to make some arrangements for Mother’s service. At least she and Dad bought a double plot at the cemetery so we don’t have to worry about that and I’ve made an appointment for us tomorrow with her lawyer.”

            “So soon?” asks Phil. “Can’t we at least wait until Harry’s crisis is over?”

            Mary interjects, “I think you should find out right away about the business and the money; if there is any.”

            Phil feels his pent-up anger rise like a slow volcano.
“What is the matter with you?  Our son is lying near death. My mother isn’t in even in her grave and all you can think of is money!”

            Mary’s eyes fly open wide. For once she has no response. In all of their years of marriage she has never seen her wimp of a husband act so decisively. Her acid response dies like  a deflated balloon. “I’m sorry," she whispers.

            Mike adds, “I’m sorry, too.  I guess I wasn’t thinking. I’ll call the lawyer and postpone that meeting, but we have to make arrangements about Mother.”

            “I understand, Mike, but under the circumstances, why don’t you just do it? Any plans you make will be fine. I don’t even want to leave to get Albert.”

            “Who?” Mike asks.

            “Harry’s bear.”

            Mary, feeling unusually contrite, tears glistening her eyes, turns to Phil and whispers, “Maybe Mike could go by the house. I put Harry’s little beat-up bear on the dining room table.”

            “Sure.” Mike smiles at the worried couple. “Glad to help. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

            The door is flung open and Harry’s doctor rushes in with a team. He anxiously and urgently said, “I’ve called for oxygen. We need the resus team!”


There is always drama in ICU. Families hold these together and there are other tensions going on. You nailed it Kalli.
Tensions are being put to one side but you know they will flare up just lying dormant. Just like life...Good one Kalli.