Chapter 6

Written by: Kalli Deschamps

Marty kicked shut the hatchway door as he grabbed my sweaty hand and dragged my quivering body along the dark, damp passageway.


“Hurry up,” he whispered. “You are in grave danger.”


“You- you were the voice on the phone?” I managed to stutter as I staggered along. “Where were you and where did you come from?”


He rapidly switched a small pen light on and off before pushing my quaking body ahead of him as he reached back to close and bolt a second, thick, aging, wooden door. 


“I have been watching you for a long time.”




“I guess because I was a stupid fool and didn’t realise how much I loved you until I lost you.”


“Why didn’t you try to contact me? We could have talked.”


“I thought about it, but then you met this guy and as I watched you—“


“You spied on me?”


Marty was quiet for a moment. 


“I guess you could call it that. I was just worried about you.”


The blood seemed to have stopped its slow, oozing trail down my  stinging face. My thudding heart still pounded in my ears but my knees had quit knocking. “Since you were the voice on the phone and you tried to disguise it, why did you call me to that awful place and put me in such danger in the first place?”


“I’ve been watching you ever since you went to work for him. I knew what he was after. Then I found out what he had planned for you. This way I could control the situation.”


“Why didn’t you just warn me?”


“Would you have listened?”


“Probably not.”


“I managed to call you first.”


“So you could rescue me?”


He grinned that little boy grin I had never been able to resist. I fell into his arms as he drew my quieting body against his powerful chest and rubbed his stubbled chin against my hair. My heart was thudding for a different reason. 


“So what happens now?” I whispered.


“We can’t stay here. If we take the right hand path we end up on the shore of the lake. If we go left we head under the freeway and end in a copse of trees that mark the beginning of the forest preserve.”


“What is this place?”


“This passage has been here since the smuggling days of the past century. My friends and I found it when we were kids and used to hide out down here just for fun. Mario won’t rest until he has found you and tortured your secret from you. I opt for the left hand route.”


I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stay there in Marty’s powerful arms forever.


“C’mon, babe. We gotta get out of here.”


As Marty grabbed my hand and we turned left through the dripping passage we heard a heavy pounding on the thick, wooden, bolted door. I screamed and we started to run!



Oh my, a well written love chapter that has emotion and action so cleverly mixed. How on earth do I follow such powerful pros as - "I guess because I was a stupid fool and didn’t realise how much I loved you until I lost you.” To follow this I need an hallucinating pick-me-up. Great chapter, Kalli. I'll meditate before I start the next chapter. Smashing stuff.
Now I'm wondering how Ray is going to write the romance into a mystery/suspense story. Good luck Ray. A word on dialogue. If they stopped talking and you described the scene and their interaction we could have learnt more about the situation and the characters. They talked just a bit too much.