Chapter 6

Written by: Ray Stone

“So who is your wonderful boyfriend?” I asked. I was shaking uncontrollably as shock set in.

Viola shifted her body from one buttock to another with small nervous movements. “Davey,” she answered, her frightened eyes flickering between her coffee cup and her feet. “Honest Dawn, I really didn’t know he was a dealer until yesterday.”

I was confused. The day started really well with high expectations of a great dinner party for two and making love all night with Simon. His trip to Hong Kong was a big success, or so he said on the phone the night before he was due to fly home, and I was excited. He lied though. If Davey found him in an alley with a knife in his back, he must have come home earlier and called me just before he died. Another thing. What was the connection between the two men and the drugs Simon carried back in his sample machine?

“So you two involved me to find the drugs that Simon supposedly stole. He was obviously killed for them so what’s Davey’s problem? The drugs wouldn’t be at my place, as Simon never made it home.”

“There could have been a hiding place like a Deposit box or a left luggage locker somewhere and you could have the key.”

I stood up, a little unsteady on my feet, and I held on tightly to the worn rail fencing next to the container yard. I rubbed blood from one hand carefully; the lacerations stung like mad. I looked at Viola and shook my head. It sounded to me that this Davey was not too bright and damn dangerous. The sooner we got clear of him the better.

“Where is he?” I asked. “One minute he was chasing us and the next he disappears.” I thought for a moment. “Someone opened the doors of the container from the outside although it wasn’t locked, but who would do that?”

Viola sniffed loudly. “It could be the Mason boys. They have a bar at the ‘White Creek Motor Camp.’ They sometimes stay in their own motorhome, the one with ‘Unforgotten’ written across it, and do their business from there. They financed Davey’s buy so they’ll want their money back plus interest.” She stood and looked over at the container yard. “Maybe they were just looking for Davey and heard us after opening the door and waited until we escaped.”

Common sense should have told me to get the hell out and go and call the police, but no, I decided to look for Davey and the Masons. My Simon was dead and I wanted to get a little more information together before reporting his death.

I slipped quickly and as quietly as I could back under the rusty link fencing. It squeaked loudly and my feet crunched on broken glass as I stepped onto the asphalt apron. I stopped abruptly. A pair of feet protruded from under the container door and cigarette smoke curled out above it.




What a terrific chapter...full of suspense and it read like a Dick Tracey novel...
Thank you ED.
I have been fascinated to watch the progress of this serial and how well everyone has followed the original track. Thanks to all of you. Now, with four chapters left, wonder how it will end.