Chapter 6

Written by: Ray Stone

The concrete coffin turned out to be the bottom of a foundation trench of a new warehouse being built behind a row of stores on an expanding shopping precinct. 

Digger and I looked down at the grave site. “It’s nice and deep,” he said matter-of-factly. “We picked a spot where we can push the body under the water sealant sheeting so we don’t have to dig anything. Just a few shovels of shingle to cover him will do the trick. We have someone on the cementation crew. He’s gonna call the first cement truck to this position and start filling. No-one is gonna know what’s what.”

We stood looking at the bottom of the trench. Worried about telling Tony I didn’t want to do this kind of job anymore, I couldn’t back out while I was with Digger.

The site was empty. It was lunchtime and with the constant drizzle workmen were gone for the day. It didn’t take long to drop the carpet down and push it under the plastic sheet. When we were finished, there was nothing to be seen.

“Let’s go and find Tony,” I suggested. “I need to clean up.”

Tony had a place of his own. His dad got it cheap evidently on account of the fact that the realty company boss owed some favors after Mr. Sparizza had a chat with a friend in the D.A’s office to make a charge of embezzlement go away. The apartment in one of the nicer suburbs of town was ideal for meetings and somewhere to clean up.

“Yeah, you gotta look good for the girls, huh.” Digger grinned. “Nothin’ like a good night out after a good day’s dig.”

I shuddered and turned the key. The engine rattled into life. 


“Okay, Twinkles it is, boys.”

Tony walked into the room wearing a light blue suit with matching silk tie and highly polished ruby red crocodile shoes. Talk about Hollywood star, he could have been a character from ‘L.A. Confidential.’ He stood posing in front of the mirror, adjusting his tie.

“Never mind the frickin’ hairstyle, Elvis, how about some wedge?” scoffed Digger.

Tony turned, clicking his fingers. “Don’t ever disrespect me like that again. You’ll get your money when I’m ready.”

Digger grunted, a mean look spreading across his face. His eyes narrowed and I moved nearer the door as the two men squared up to one another. 

“Listen, baby boy, your daddy might be the boss, but you’re just a bad smell in daddy’s shoes. Now, where’s my wedge. We agreed a hundred a day.”

“You ignorant punk, you think I’m where I am because my dad spoiled me? You insult the man who welcomed you to the family. That’s too much, Digger.”

My back was against the door as Digger lunged forward, his fists raised. I stepped between the men and fisted Digger’s chest while grabbing his raised arm.

“No!” I screamed at Tony.

A shot rang out. Digger fell.


Its good that you gave the reader a chance to see inside Joe and to see that he was still conflicted over what he had got into. All it needed was for him to shudder at Digger's remark for the reader to empathise with Joe and dislike Digger. Good work Subtle yet effective.