Chapter 5


Vanessa moved closer to the warmth of Damon’s body.  The heat and male smell gave her a reason to be happy.  She felt safe in the presence of this man she hardly knew. Secure in the fact they could put this century long travesty to rest.

“Thanks for being here with me," she said with a touch of joy and warmth in her voice.

Angus, always an attention seeker, wriggled between the two-legged people feeling the united spirit that warmth and love can give. This close proximity to a stranger, especially Damon, gave Vanessa a little comfort and support in her own barren life.

The temperature in the room dropped dramatically from cold to ice cold. The light became bluer like the inside of a fridge. Angus yelped with fear and he started to shake uncontrollably. Vanessa pulled him close to the warmth of her chest. Damon put his welcoming hands out to take the little dog but the look in Vanessa’s eyes said, ‘He’s mine to look after. I treat him like the child I haven’t got’.

Damon backed off.  He thought,  “She’s just a dog lady,” but after a lengthy pause said, “What’s happening now?”

The ever-protective Vanessa was caught in a knowledge pause and shrugged her shoulders while peering out with guardian’s eyes.

“I’m happening,” came a soft, gentle reply.

Vanessa and Damon followed the sound to the middle of the room. A very well-dressed man, who looked real but had an inward glow looked towards them. Angus stopped shaking, jumped down from Vanessa and ran towards the glowing man. He leapt up towards his outstretched arms but passed right through him as if he was made of fog. 

“Jesus,” said Damon, clearly scared. “I’m getting out of here.”

Vanessa felt no fear.  Internally her feeling was warm and welcoming. “Get a grip Damon,” she said. “Don’t be a baby. That’s Archie.  Bella’s boyfriend.”

The glowing Archie looked at Vanessa with a soft smile.

“Your great grandmother did a bad thing Vanessa.  I don’t like liars.  I’m here to set that right.” 

Vanessa knew never to go with her first reaction; the idea can always change as a result of negotiation. Her drive was never to quit in the process of getting it right.

“It was a very class-based society at that time Archie.  The world has changed now."

Ghostly Archie looked towards Vanessa with scepticism in his glowing, foggy face. Damon couldn't believe this scene.  The ghost-like figure had lived through a century of change.  A class system does not change over a hundred years. This was still a country of flag waving monarchists.

The room dropped another 5 degrees.  Even glowing Archie looked cold.

“I’ve been a hundred years dead for this moment,” came a voice heard behind Archie. A glowing Bella appeared in the open doorway.


My goodness Ken. You've set me quite a challenge to pull all that together and give the next writer something to work with. Quite interesting characters though.