Chapter 5

Written by: Ken Burns

This is the point where I want to slap her.  Turns of phrase like that went out last century and they trigger my sharp brain into attack mode. It is not my fault her son was born dumb.  Each of us has to take responsibility for our own lives.  

“We’ll take your car Mrs Knight,” I say in my sweetest voice, not that she sees any sweetness in me or the rest of the world.  Being born rich has no privileges for some.

“Do I have to do everything?” comes back her snarky reply and a look that says there will be hell to pay as well as a piece of her mind (a small piece).

“Not really,” is my low level comeback.

“I’ll drive,” I add with my brightest and fakest smile.

“Good.  That’s us sorted then Molly.  Go and get the car.”


Just agree with everything is my recent addition to a living philosophy.  It’s not worth arguing. That is energy wasted and I have better things to spend my time on.

“My car is in the garage,” I say walking towards the side of the house.

The garage door has already been opened by Animal Welfare.

My Ford Mustang convertible I love, especially on sunny days like today. It was my prize for finishing the Quantity Surveyors Diploma course last year.  At least my parents loved me each and everyday: that’s what they told me.

Even before entering the garage the smell hits me and stops my legs from moving.

While I have some empathy for vegans, right now that goes out of the window.

The beautiful green sports car’s back seat is completely full of camel pooh: flies are having a field day.

“Come on Molly,” shouts Mrs Knight,

“I don’t have all day.”

“Sure,” I reply climbing into the driver’s seat.

“Do you want to sit in the back seat or by me in the front? It’s a sunny day.”

“I’ll sit in the back,” she replies.

“I don’t trust being with you in the front.”

“Good idea,” comes from me.

My righthand turns the ignition key but nothing happens, not even a click.  I try again, still not a sound.

“I don’t have all day,” whines Mrs Knight outside in the sunshine.

“Nor do I,” is my embarrassing reply. The sun isn’t shining on me.

More determined than anything I give the key one more go and the engine roars into life.  Well it doesn’t actually roar, just gently hums along nicely.

My favourite possession is a manual drive.  I learnt to drive in an automatic  car but I love the manual style of this car.

I slowly exit the garage on the lefthand side coming into view of Mrs Knight.

“Lovely,” she says then stares at the back seat.


I love the new addition to her philosophy. What a fun serial this is. It seems to be bringing out the quirky writers. Nice one Ken. I like that you kept your dialogue short and crisp. Nicely done.
Great chapter Ken. You have brought out the contrast in Molly's and Mrs. Knight's personalities very effectively. Would love to see how the next writers carry one the battle of wits between the two women!
Wow, another funny chapter. Can picture the horror in Mrs Knight's face as she looks into the back seat. Wonderful, Ken!