Chapter 5

Written by: Hemali Ajmera

A streak of bright red blood appeared on the pale pink fabric as the nurse hastily wiped her index finger on her uniform. But instantly, another blob of blood appeared in its place. The nurse grabbed a cotton swab from a tray placed next to Sarah’s bed. In just a few seconds, the swab was red and wet. The nurse grabbed a few more. With incredulity the nurse watched as the wound deepened and blood gushed out. She looked up at Diandra, her eyes wide with horror. She threw the black doll out the window and fled the room, staining the spotless white floor with big red circles.

Diandra ran to the window and peered down. It was impossible to locate the doll in the darkness. 

Sarah’s mind was muddled, partly by the sedatives, but mostly by the bizarre events unfolding in her hospital room. Diandra’s intense desire to kill her made no sense. Instinctively, Sarah’s fingers curled around a small copper pendant and she felt a surge of resolve and strength coursing through her fragile body. 

She rushed toward Diandra, grabbing her by the wrist. 

“I need to know something. Why do you want me dead?” 

“Because I hate you! In every life you have snatched away what rightfully belonged to me. You have left me with no choice but to kill you,” screamed Diandra, her eyes spouting fire.  

“In every life? What rubbish! There is no other life but this, most of which we have lived as best friends. Who has put this nonsense in your head?” Sarah’s voice trembled and her eyes welled up.

‘It’s not nonsense. Adorna has shown me visions of our previous lives together. She says I will get success only after killing you. She is one who placed the black doll by your bedside when she visited you last night,” Diandra spat.

Sarah shivered as she remembered the mysterious lady with white hair and translucent face. She opened the palm of her left hand and glanced at the dimly shining pendant. It was solid proof of Nigel’s nocturnal visit. And if this was real, then Adorna’s visit had to be real too. 

Just then a senior nurse, along with two policewomen, entered the room responding to the injured nurse’s emergency alert.

“What is going on here? And who let you inside the hospital at 4 am?” demanded one as she pinned Diandra to the wall; she frisked Diandra for weapons and led her away.   

The senior nurse had attended to nurse Madeleine’s injured finger and had refused to believe that an innocuous pin was the cause of such incessant bleeding. 

“Did the girl assault Madeleine?” she asked Sarah.   

“No, she pricked herself with a Voodoo pin.”

“Voodoo pin! What poppycock!” retorted the nurse.   

The next moment, a terrified scream escaped the nurse’s mouth as she spotted an old lady with a translucent body and malicious smile descend over Sarah’s bed.


Oh my goodness Hemali. What an amazing ending. You build the chapter towards it by feeding out information and clearly laying out the relationships between the characters. I also liked the introduction of past lives. This adds a further layer and perspective to the story. Very good!
Fantastic pace, Hemali. This is a gripping narrative.