Chapter 5

Written by: Jasmine Groves
Four days later thundering footsteps could be heard from inside the chateau, it sounded like a couple of riders and a coach. Josephine was seated on a deep brown leather chair with her slippered feet tucked underneath her, a blanket over her knees to take the last freshness off the air that the fireplace failed to dissipate.
She looked up as the sturdy thud of a door reached her, putting aside book and blanket she walked towards the window and peered out. Strong legs clad in tan breeches, with high length boots were the first thing she saw. She raised her eyes further to see an immaculate white starched shirt that looked untouched by travel, shrouded by a deep blue velvet coat. While she made her studies, she felt herself unobserved so she startled when she lifted her eyes to his face and meet striking bright blue eyes staring at her, with a crooked grin on the corner of what must be Marquis Hamelin’s mouth.
Throwing herself from view and becoming one with the immense drapery, she could feel as her heart pounded in her chest, making her feel quite light headed. Before she had a chance to recollect her thoughts or recompose her attire the study door was thrown back. She looked up, and straight into those blue eyes, which were quickly crossing the room towards her. The gentleman standing in front of her, bowed with the flourish of court mockery, raised her hand and kissed it.
“My dear mademoiselle, the Marquis Guy Leroy of Hamelin at your service” he bowed again with less dramatics. “I do apologise that I was not here when you arrived, but I trust my household has taken the very best care of you.”
Opening her mouth to respond, her voice had not made a sound, as he reached for her hand, tucked it under his arm and started strolling towards the fireplace.
“We must sit, you will drink tea, I will indulge in a sherry and you will tell me the story of how you come to be in my chateau” His eyes drove into hers, giving her no respite to look away – a smile followed. “We will be the very best of friends, you and I…. no secrets! Therefore, I think it best I call you Josephine and you call me Guy… n’est-ce pas?”
“I am not callous; I have heard that you have not had all your strength, so rest while the tea comes. You are in safe hands.”
Josephine contemplated the striking profile of the man beside her who now gazed intently into the fire. His bright eyes spoke of passion, his profile was strong, his nose slightly crooked, and all were offset by his lush black hair.
Was he safe, she had come so far – her brooch never far from her mind – but she felt tired and wary, perhaps she would not need to share her story today – perhaps she could buy some time?


Oh yes, I can see the gallant gentleman sweeping her off her feet and the terrible conundrum brewing. I really enjoyed this, Jasmine. Your description of the Marquis is perfect.