Chapter 5

Written by: Hemali Ajmera


Why she hadn’t she thought of him before, wondered Vicki as she fiddled with her talisman. Who better to kill Sebastian than an outsider from a rival clan? 

Ambrogio was christened by Armand, the Highlord of the Marius bloodline because of his supernatural hunting powers, just like his mythical namesake. The superior Marius bloodline was famous for kidnapping and eliminating vampires from other bloodlines to expand their own.

Vicki and Sebastian belonged to the Amel bloodline, reputed for their cleverness and mental prowess. The Marius and Amel bloodlines had been arch rivals for centuries and the stories of battles and wars between the two clans was the stuff of vampire legend.

Vicki and Ambrogio had met in the forest one night purely by accident. Ambrogio’s clan lived far beyond the Ebony mountains bordering the forest where Vicki’s clan gathered and hunted during the dark hours. One night, Ambrogio’s pursuit of a swiftfooted deer took him over the mountains. Just as he was about to turn back, he noticed a rapid movement over tree tops at the edge of the forest that the Amel clan claimed as its own. Before his eyes could scan the object of this action, Vicki menacingly stood in front of him. 

“I have not come here with any malintent. It was just an accident. By the way, my name is Ambrogio and you are truly beautiful,” he said with an admiring look in his eyes.

The kind blue-green eyes and charming face instantly melted Vicki’s heart. After all, she was still human in some ways. Soon Vicki and Ambrogio began their amorous meetings unbeknownst to their respective clans. 

Sebastian, the Lord of one of the clans of the Amel bloodline, had been in love with Vicki from the day he had first laid his eyes on her. But Vicki could never love him. She pretended to because he was the leader and their association offered Vicki many privileges and deference within the clan. Even mind control could not break down Vicki’s defiance to completely devote herself to Sebastian. This augmented his obsession for her.   

Ambrogio often called Vicki his Selena, the one and only true love of the mythological hero he was named after. 

“One day I will snatch you from Apollo’s (referring to Sebastian) clutches even if it means selling myself to Hades (Greek God of death),” he would jest.


The night after the court case Vicki met Ambrogio and explained all that had transpired.

“Sebastian must die tonight. He has exposed us. Soon we will be hunted down and persecuted by humans just like they did a few centuries ago,” Vicki said, trembling with rage.

“Everyone knows that Sebastian is bestowed with special powers by the High Lord of the Amel clan. It will not be easy to kill him,” Ambrogio argued. 

“I know a way. He carries a curse. If he is made to drink molten silver at daybreak, he will die. And you, my dear Ambrogio, must do the deed.”


Well now, we have a love triangle with a vampire twist on our hands thanks to Hemali. And we have lots of lovely back story to give context and make us care about the characters. I can't wait to see where the story goes now.
Wow, Hemali, what a fantastic imagination you have. A truly gripping chapter.