Chapter 5

Written by: cynthiaclaire

The sun shone brightly and the air carried the scent of flowers. Sitting on the swing hung in the Banyan tree, Mahak closed her eyes.

Over the last two weeks she had had no time for herself due to her semester examination.
She sighed and opened her eyes to look at the bird singing its melodious song and wondered when she was last happy enough to sing.

'Gaurav,' she mumbled. His sudden disappearance had torn her heart apart. The pain seemed like it happened yesterday. What baffled her most was why he hadn't even contacted her. He’d promised to love her and be by her side. He hurt her so badly that she was determined never to cry again for a person who did not value her.

For a very long time she kept calling Guarav's parents and they just said they did not know their son’s whereabouts. She felt Gaurav's mother was hiding the truth. She had always said to Guarav that his mother did not like her and he always insisted she imagined this.

Something tickled Mahak’s toes. Doggy, her best friend, was trying to persuade her to go for their evening stroll. 

But there was no time, she had to get back to the house to dress for the school volleyball competition. Just after completing her examinations she was selected to represent her school.

When the team gathered to start the competition her coach said, "We need everyone to focus on their strengths.” Then he had looked directly at Mahak. “What is wrong with you? You are so absent minded.”

Mahak shook her head and bravely smiled, "I am fine sir."

She frowned. She was sure she had seen Gaurav in the crowd. But she had to focus on the game. They were in the final round and she could not let her team down. After thirty minutes of play the umpire signaled the game was at an end.

Mahak’s team had won!

Fans ran into the court cheering. Mahak was filled with joy and was celebrating with her team mates when someone pulled her jersey. She turned to see a girl of about ten years old with smiling blue eyes pushing a red rose towards her.

“I want to be like you one day,”she said.
Mahak took the flower and before she could say anything the girl disappeared.
Puzzled Mahak looked for her among the crowd but could not find her. The rose was her favourite flower and Guarav was the only one who knew this. How did the little girl know that? She searched the crowd again but could no longer see the her. Could she hope to see Gaurav there?

"Gaurav!" She smelt the rose once more.

Her hands began shaking uncontrollably. She wondered if she had actually seen Gaurav in the crowd.
"No, he can't be back," she decided.
Then a folded piece of paper fell from the flowers. As she stooped to pick it up, her heart started wildly beating.


This chapter has mystery and opens up many questions. The imagery was linked to Mahak's mood and this was evocative. You leave it with the reader asking a question 'who' wrote the letter and 'what' does it say? Those are two very good hooks. Very good work!