Chapter 5

Written by: Ray Stone

Brad did not hesitate. Mandy and the kids were not part of his criminal past and he knew they might not be part of the future either. Servany never forgave. How they had found him after fourteen years was a mystery. One thing was for sure. Whatever happened, he would do whatever Servany wanted and make sure Mandy and the boys remained safe.

O’Connor  re-entered and sat on the arm of the settee; a flick-knife held loosely in one hand while his other gripped a bunch of Mandy’s hair and held her head back.

“Well, Brad what’s it gonna’ be? Do you want to be a hero and have me alter the wife’s lips or are you gonna’ be a good boy and please the big man?”

The thought of Mandy being hurt filled Brad with despair. He looked into Mandy’s frightened blue eyes that were filling with tears and nodded at O’Connor.

O’Connor smirked and let go of Mandy’s hair. He rose and pointed at Brad. “Okay,  we know where the stuff is and how you get in. The problem is there’s a state of the art alarm system protecting the private collector’s basement where all his artefacts are kept in glass cases.”

Brad felt sweat trickle down the back of his neck and moisten his top lip. He wiped his lip nervously and remembered the trial judge’s words of warning. Witness Protection Program or not, if he became involved in criminal activity again he would go away for life.

“You’ll get what you want as long as you leave my wife and kids alone,” answered Brad. “I’ll come with you now. Leave them here. They won’t be going anywhere.”

“Neither will I,” spat O’Connor. “You’re going on a little trip until the job is done while I stay here and look after the family.”


With a thug either side of him, Brad sat in Servany’s office, his mind working feverishly to work out a way to warn the authorities. Whatever happened, if the police caught him, Mandy and the boys had to be protected. Servany would not hesitate to take revenge on them. The problem was he knew little about the man, save the underworld feared him. Somehow the police needed to know about the job but more immediately about O’Connor.

Brad looked out of the window across the darkened city skyline and remembered the night the police caught him. He agreed to ‘squeal’ from the start; he had two strikes and a third meant life. The anonymous contractor took delivery via a pre-arranged property box at the local bus station after arrangements were finalised over the phone. Brad’s gang went to jail and the cranes disappeared.

A door opened and a small white-haired man entered the office, followed by two men. Brad started to rise but a strong hand pushed him down.

“Servany,” gasped Brad. “I don’t believe…”

“Yes, Brad,” said the little man. “I’m the judge who kept you out of jail…or put you back in.”  




Ooh nice twist. Challenge for the next (:
I never saw that coming! Nice job Ray.