Chapter 5

Written by: Ray Stone

Claude’s guttural laughter echoed off the walls of the tunnel as he disappeared into the black void. A steel door squeaked with agony, and a moment later slammed shut with a loud bang that shook the walls.

 In the darkness, his partner Günter struck a match that sizzled and flared briefly, illuminating his scarred face as he lit a Gauloises.  Flicking the match to the ground, he shone the torch into John’s eyes.

“You won’t have long to wait, Johnny boy. The auction is this afternoon. If we have the uranium, you will go home in a box. If we lose to your people, then we keep you as a bargaining chip - a badly beaten chip.”

John’s torn nail and bloody fingers slowly wound themselves around the end of the tether attached to the rope ladder. Sabine was unconscious and there was no telling what the psychopathic Claude would do to her. He was determined to reach her before she suffered.

Günter laid the torch on the ground and stooped to pick John up.

John winced with pain but stayed as limp as he could as Günter lifted him from behind, both hands gripping his armpits. As he struggled to sit John on a chair, Günter choked on the cigarette.

John seized his moment and with all his strength brought the rope over his head and snapped it around the back of Günter’s neck, pulling him forward and down to the ground.

Ghostly shadows cast by the torch lying on the ground climbed the wall and leaned into the center of the ceiling as both men stood and faced each other.

There was a loud thwack. Günter fell back against the wall.

“Take some of your own medicine,” barked John through gritted teeth.

A cloud of fine dust, caught by the beam of light, swirled in chaotic dance as Gunter’s shoulder brushed against the wall. John stepped unsteadily toward the man and crashed his fist hard into Gunter’s jaw. The man was out cold.

Picking up the torch, John leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. He cuffed sweat from his eyes. Dust had dried his mouth. He licked his swollen lips and took a deep breath. He had to reach Sabine and escape before the auction. Jerry Carpenter had to be warned.

At the far end of the tunnel was the large steel door they had brought him through from the underground storeroom. He staggered forward, hoping Claude had not locked it. As he got nearer he heard Claude’s evil voice.

“Well, my dear, we've never had agents like you in East Berlin. It will be such a shame to use Sulfuric on your lovely face.”

John’s heart missed a beat. He reached the door and gripped the handle. Turning it slowly, the door opened a crack.

“No!” screamed Sabine.

Claude bent over her, a test tube in his hands as she lay tied to a table. “Tell me who your man is at the auction.”




Ray Stone (MA)








Fantastic end to chapter 5, Ray. I can't wait to read how John and Sabine will get out of this one...
Nice job, Ray. John has a fighting chance to save the girl and the day. Maybe.