Chapter 5

Written by: Kalli Deschamps

Chaos reigned across the road as nine burly thugs on a mission forced their way into one empty motel room.

In the lobby Robert shook loose from Jack to face him with determination and anger. “First it’s blackmail! Then it’s murder! Some ‘minder’ you turned out to be! Wha ja offer them? Half a ten million dollar lottery ticket?”

Jack ignored the question as he watched the first of the furious killers head back across the road toward the lobby. He reached for Robert and yelled “We gotta get out of here!”

“Not with me ya don’t!” screamed Robert as he sprinted down the long hall toward the door at the end of the building.

Jack wondered. Could he catch Robert? And what would he do if he caught him? Robert was unarmed. If he shot him in the back or shot him at all he was either a murderer or a criminal. He was supposed to be helping him, minding him. Robert was the client. He would be the hunted with the keys to Robert’s car, the paperwork; the gun. But Robert held the key to ten million! Somehow he had to catch him.

Robert reached the end of the hall and opened the door. He could smell the river. How far away? Could he get there and shinny down the bank? Was there a bridge? He didn’t know, but this seemed his only chance. He had a few bucks and the ticket. He’d think about that later. He could hear Jack yelling in the background. It was now or never. He took a flying leap over the bank, landed on a sea of rocks and fell headlong into the water!

Jack raced down the hall after Robert, reaching the open door in time to see him jump! A hand encircled his throat. “Hey, punk! Where’s the guy we’re supposed to get?”

Jack gasped as he tried in vain to break free, ”He’s out there!”

His hand still around Jack’s throat, Ernie asked, “Where’s the ten mil?”

Jack could barely speak. “Out there! Lemme go!”

“Hey, Ernie. Let him go. We gotta face the boss.” He chuckled. “Maybe the guy in the river will turn up dead and we won’t have wasted any bullets. Let’s get outta here!”

They charged down the hall and out the door facing the river.

Jack was left alone in a lobby filling with cops, hotel guests and night-owls on the hunt for some excitement. “How in the hell did I get into this mess and what in the hell do I do now?”



Robert surfaced sputtering and choking in the middle of a raging current. “Oh, shit!” He had forgotten about high water. No time to think. No time to plan. Only time to try to keep his head above the filthy stinking water. Somewhere in the middle of the raging vortex that was his brain came a thought.

What happened to the ticket? Was it still in his pocket?

Kalli Deschamps (USA)


Oh yes, I loved this. “Hey, punk! Where’s the guy we’re supposed to get?” Queens English at its very best. This is full of good lines and the action just flows all the way through. Great chapter Kalli.
Yes, this was fun and full of wonderful voices and characters. Great action. I guess the ten mill will be worth all the trouble its caused.