Chapter 4

Written by: Jasmine Groves

“I know,” Lucy calmly responded.

Toby’s eyebrows rose steeply “What do you mean ‘you know’?”

Biting on her bottom lip and peering up through her eye lashes “Well, Mam and Pa don’t have a cent to rub together and most of the time they don’t seem particularly clever either…. also, they are not like us, they don’t like the finer things in life.”

“Lucy, I hardly think not knowing what Prada is proves blood relations,” Toby said smiling sardonically.

“Ok, well maybe about five years ago, I heard Pa and you talking, I was sneaking in from a day in town and was trying to smuggle bags in through the back of the house when I heard you talking.”

Silence stretched between the two of them, and Lucy took the opportunity to have another sip of wine. The conversation had been the clincher, she had long suspected that her family were not everything they seemed, that perhaps Uncle Toby was the black sheep of the family.

“What did you hear Lucy?” Toby broke into her thoughts.

“I must admit I was little distracted; it had been a mammoth afternoon of shopping and my little pinkie toe had a blister.”

“Lucy,” Toby’s tone brooked no diversion.

“Ok. All of it, I guess. How Pa had worked for your father, and not content with that had stolen some money and possessions from the family.” She looked into his eyes, they remained expressionless. “What I never understood was how it went from his theft and deceit to you becoming my uncle.”

“That part of the story is easy to explain. I like second chances Lucy.” He paused. “I like to give out second chances.”

Pursing her lips, Lucy waited. Nothing further was put out by Toby.

“That is very kind of you Toby, I’m glad you helped Pa. I’m glad you’ve been in our lives.”

“I wasn’t in that women’s clothes shop today to follow the most recent fashion. I was there because I wanted to find you.” He lifted her hand into his. “It is your turn for a second chance Lucy. I had hoped the kindness I had passed to your parents would open up the world for you.”

“It has. I almost have all the clothes a girl could want, maybe not enough money on my credit card, but I’m happy.”

“Possessions aren’t what I am talking about Lucy. I’m talking about opportunities, exploring the world.”

Exploring the world was not something Lucy had considered. Exploring as many malls as she could, yes, but not the world.

Toby continued. “I want to broaden your horizons; I want more than fancy clothes and accessories for you. You are a beautiful talented young woman. I want fame and fortune for you… that’s why I came here to take you back to LA.”

Lucy squealed and leapt through the air hugging Toby close. “I always knew you weren’t my uncle, you’re my guardian angel instead.”


On the face of it a straight un mysterious story of a family secret that was not too secret. But now all has been explained why is Toby taking Lucy to LA? Can it be that her father did not steal and Toby's father had a hold over Lucy's father regarding something illegal? Who knows? What I do know is that this chapter is injecting a little suspense without really trying. The art of good dialogue exchange is here to read. The way is open to take the story in several directions. I really liked this, Jasmine.