Chapter 4

Written by: Griffin

As Michelle made her way through the back streets of the town to the beginning of the trail, she realised that she was still dressed for dinner, in a cotton short-sleeved dress with her favourite sunflower pattern. 


“Oh my God I’m going to freeze,” she thought.


But although it was getting dark already, the light breeze felt strangely warm. She was still annoyed at Nick’s dismissive attitude and was glad to be wandering alone.


She thought back over the day and recalled herself saying “Kali mera” to the girl serving at the cake shop who had smiled in return. 


She breathed deeply in the night air. There was a full moon high in the sky. Her footsteps on the rocky track were unerring. Michelle was starting to have doubts about this character in his robes.  At length, she spotted the cave, and as she got closer, there he was, dressed now in a comfortable-looking light blue robe with a thin leather belt. The branches of the scrubby juniper bushes were perfectly still.


“Hey,” said Michelle from down below.


“Ah, hey.” He smiled. When they were face to face, he said, “But don’t we say ‘kali spera’, Michelle?” 


“Oh yes, kali spera. Ti kanete?”


“Good thank you.” 


“So, sir, are you Twin One or Twin Two?”


“I beg your pardon.”


“Your twin, down below.”


“Oh, that was me also. We do that with time-bending.”


“Time-bending,” she repeated.


Suddenly he was seated on a branch of a nearby pine tree. After a minute, just as suddenly, he was back in front of her.


“It's a by-product of the metempsychosis. Time was moving more slowly for you and Nick while you were climbing.”


“Ah,” she said. “Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?”


“Yes, surely, but let’s take the night air for now my dear.”


He gestured to a small round wooden table with two chairs. On the table were two glasses of water and a jug.


“I did once have a twin brother, but that was when I was Euphorbus.”


“You remember your past life?”


“Oh yes, I have discovered a way to retain the memory.”


Michelle took a draft of water. 


“Yes, my twin Hyperenor never did get much publicity but he was real enough. Ended up collecting a spear at Troy, poor fellow. But then, I didn’t do so well a couple of years later when Menelaus got the better of me.” 


Michelle looked around. “Something keeps drawing me back here.” Then she said to him, “So, you have been waiting for me, you say. How did you know, then, that I would be coming?”


Ignoring her question, he said, “My dear, I want you to accept this to take back to your father.”


Into her left hand he put a small purple sphere, gently glowing.


Michelle looked from the sphere to the old man’s face, and then into the distance.


“Ah, you mean my other father.”


“Yes, your other father, in London.”


“Thank you,” she said, “I will do that — so you are going to teach me more things.”


Pythagoras nodded.


“I only have eight more days here you know.”


“Ah but there is time-bending.”


The idea of time bending is amazing. What a great idea. I liked the way you kept the story focused on Michelle and made what happened all about her. You did a great job of carrying the story forward. You caught the atmosphere and the strained relationship with Nick.