Chapter 4

Written by: Kalli Deschamps

Like the wings of a golden angel a silent nurse drifted through the slumbering hospital. She quietly opened doors and checked each patient. As she entered Sarah’s room her soft blue eyes opened wide as she spotted a beautiful, twelve inch, black, teen-age doll with a pin deeply piercing its abdomen. She inhaled, her breath sharp as she reached down and extracted the pin from the doll. An instant cry from the bed next to the window pierced the air. The startled nurse rushed to her patient and with an instinctive maternal instinct, wished to crush the beautiful young woman in her arms, Instead, she automatically checked her forehead for fever.


“Your cry? Is the pain worse?”


Sarah placed her hand on her tummy. With her instant smile and her stronger voice, she answered, “For a second the pain was intense. Then it just left! Just like that! I don’t hurt anymore.”


Sarah searched the nurse’s smiling eyes. “What happened?”


“I’m not sure. It seems unbelievable.” She explained the situation about the doll with the pin and how she had to twist it out.


“How weird,” mused Sarah. “Can I see the doll?”


“Here she is, but I think I should hang on to it.”


Sarah screamed! “We made these; Diandra and I when we were kids. I forgot all about them. I wonder where this one came from.”


“Do you have one?”


“Not that I remember. I haven’t seen or thought about them for years.”


The little clock by Sarah’s bed chimed. It was 4a.m. Slowly and quietly the door opened again. Diandra’s face crumbled as she observed the quiet scene at the bed by the window.


“Oh, no,” she whispered. “You are supposed to be dead!”

Sarah’s eyes leaked tears as she whispered, “How could you? We have been best friends for so long.” She paused, “Why?”


Diandra recovered her insolence. “Because you have everything and I have nothing.” She almost spat the words. “I want my doll. Where is she?”


The night nurse entered the conversation. “I have the doll.”


“She’s mine and I want her,” screamed Diandra.


“I think not,” responded the quiet nurse. “You tried to kill your friend and almost succeeded. This is a matter for the police.”


“I want my doll. You can’t prove anything.”


The nurse had placed the offending pin in her pocket when she removed it from the black doll. As she reached to check if it was still there it decided to take a hand in the game and pricked her finger.


The nurse screamed as she jerked her hand free and there at the end of the index finger of her right hand was a large drop of bright red blood.


Very good turn at the end Kalli and very clever to pick up the story from the pin's point of view and the effect it has on a Nurse.
I enjoyed reading this, with the intervention of the nurse adding a new dimension to the story. Well written!