Chapter 4

Written by: Rosemary Wakelin

The courtroom exploded into a cocktail of gasps and harried voices.  

Vicki shuffled back. Sebastian’s comments had come from left field. All she could do was stare at him. What was he doing? If he wanted to remind her who their true leader was, he could do so in a multiple of ways, not one that risked their kind’s hard-earned anonymity. 

Judge Monaghan whacked his gavel against the sound block, snapping Vicki from her trance.

“Order… order in the court,” he barked. Several more rounds of his gavel and the prattling settled. Monaghan leant forward. “Counsellor, is there any truth to these accusations?” 

Vicki noticed Sebastian casually plucking imaginary lint off his jacket, his lips curled into a callous grin. She clenched her fists, felt her long nails bite into her palms. This was her courtroom, her world. Sebastian had no right to interfere with it, whatever his motive for doing so. She smoothed down her pencil skirt, clutched her talisman and threw her chin upwards. “These claims are naturally ridiculous….” 

“I object!” Sebastian said.  

The audience chuckled. 

The judge roared. “Mr Yoland, I order you to remain silent.” 

Noone orders Sebastian to remain silent; Vicki knew that better than most. Noone orders Sebastian to do anything unless he wills it. 

Or forces it through mind-control.  

Vicki drew in a sharp breath. Surely, he wouldn’t…. 

She scrambled towards the bench, calling out to the judge. But it was already too late. Sebastian had the judge’s gaze imprisoned in his own. Mere seconds passed before Monaghan’s body visibly slackened. His shoulders hung low, his eyes appeared vacant, and his expression deadpan. 

Vicki groaned, the only sound in a hushed courtroom.  

“This is your courtroom, is it not, your honour? A distinguished place of truth.”

Monaghan’s nod was barely perceptible.

“I would like your permission to speak that truth.”  

 Another weak nod followed.

Sebastian thanked the judge, returned his attention to Vicki and tut-tutted. “You disappoint me, dear Vicki,” he said in a soft, measured voice. “Was it not you who commented on how tasty our prey was, how thick and rich the blood, how creatures like us deserve the real thing now and again?” 

Horror bled through Vicki’s bones, rendering her speechless. She wrapped her arms around her trembling body. All around her, muted whispers grew louder, more frightened.

“And Squire Arkright was undoubtedly the real thing,” Sebastian continued. “So deliciously sublime… don’t you agree?” 

From the jury box, someone swore, then yelled, “They’re… they’re… V…vampires.” Screams, loud and chilling smothered the air. People scrambled, knocking furniture, knocking other people. Some fell, their pleas for help swallowed by the ongoing frenzy.

Vicki slammed her hands over her ears, felt her soul, if she had one, weeping. The humans didn’t deserve this. But neither did her kind. They would have to escape, start again elsewhere, somewhere far away. All due to Sebastian and his narcissistic lust for power.

It was time, she decided. 

Time for Sebastian to die.


Wow, what an excellent chapter Rosemary. It's full of pace and deftly moves the story forward leaving plenty of juicy hooks for the next writer. I really loved the detail that conveys so much '...smoothed down her pencil skirt' is great example. Nothing more needs to be said.