Chapter 4

As sisters, Viola and I are incomplete when not together.  She has always backed me up and I have done the same. Nothing comes between us as family: even her bad choice of stupid, fat boyfriends. 

I shook my head and became aroused by the smell of death.  I could see Simon’s lifeless body tied to a chair directly opposite me. My trail of spew still wet on his chest. 

I loved him obsessively now even as a dead smelly guy but my mind went somewhere else as I heard Viola’s voice. 

“That is my married sister you have over there dipstick!” She yelled into the face of chequered shirt man whose cap was now reversed. 

"I need to talk to her!” 

I glanced to the right and saw Viola striding towards me in her puma trainers.  She hadn’t changed the style of these in 20 years. 

  She stopped in front and with her left hand spat on it then slapped me so hard in the face, it gave me a swollen cheek while she continued yelling. 

“You may be the oldest but you have always been a bitch to me!” 

Then she leaned into my ear and whispered,  “I have to do this and by faking it you have to make it look real.  I’ll get you out of here alive, sister.” 

The chequered shirt man walked towards us.  He was a bit fat, like the others she’s had and stood behind Viola. 

He placed his enormous hands on her shoulders as if he had something intimate going on with her. 

“You know why your pretty husband is dead?” he asked with a dirty smile on his greasy face. 

“He took apart one of his vacuum cleaners because it wouldn’t work.” 

Viola’s eye brows went up in the air like a fish-wife. 

'Inside was a kilo of P worth eight hundred thousand dollars.”  

I did not believe this.  Simon was as straight as a straight thing.  He would not get involved in anything lowlife apart from drinking until he was sick. 

“He knew what it was and smoked some. After two days on a high, he went delirious and tried to sell some on the street.  I found him in an alleyway.  Slumped  over a bin with a knife in his back.” 

So chequered shirt man didn’t kill Simon, as he rambled on some more about losing the drugs as well. 

Viola raised her eyebrows again looking at me and swerved her head to the right towards the metal door.  

I struggled under chequered man's hands as he tried to touch my face softly. 

“I have a thing for sisters," he said in a really sleazy way, 

"but it is the younger one I’ve always liked the most.  Viola is a remarkable find.” 

Viola kicked him brutally in the head with her sneakered right foot.   He dropped to the cold concrete floor. 

 She untied me but the lights in the room went out as the metal door opened.