Chapter 4

Written by: PriyaS

Someone must have followed, Sabine thought as the bullet whistled by. She was careful not to draw attention to herself. In her line of work, where everyone played hide-n-seek on a daily basis, sometimes slip-ups happened. Or maybe someone was keeping an eye on John so he’d not attempt to escape.

She quickly glanced behind her and ran as fast as she could towards the pillar she’d spotted on her way and hid behind it. A fall would not hurt John much. However, if she was injured or worse, died, there would be no rescue. She commanded her senses to calm down and concentrated on hearing sounds around her.

The atmosphere was suddenly eerily quite. The assailant would make some noise, no matter how small, she was sure. She’d heard John scream when she lost grip on the rope, but afterwards there was no man-made sound at all. She decided to sneak a peek to assess the nature of danger. If it was just one person, she could take him or her out. She too had a gun and was trained in martial arts.

There was no-one around the trapdoor. Even the dustman she’d spotted was nowhere to be found. She frowned in frustration.

That’s when she heard the faintest of sounds behind her. Before she could react, someone covered her mouth with a hand. Before losing consciousness, she felt a pinching sensation in her left arm.

“Lately CIA has been sending quite inexperienced agents in the field,” said a voice from behind the tall guy holding Sabine’s limp body. “What do you think, Claude?”

Claude didn’t reply. He picked Sabine up and started walking towards their hide-out. The man behind him chuckled menacingly at his own joke before adding “Let’s see what’s left of Mr. Stuart.”


Lying flat on his back in the tunnel, John wondered how many bones in his body were intact. He was worried about Sabine. Was she shot? On some level he regretted putting things in motion. But every agent knew about the risks involved in their profession. He closed his eyes. Looking up at the hole in the ceiling was depressing. He was so close to escape and yet so far away.

After a few moments John took a deep breath and tried to lift himself. A wave of pain shot through his body. However, he decided to keep trying instead of lying there and waiting for someone to spot him. Maybe there was a way to get up to the hole. Few indentations here and there in the wall surface would be enough. He got up with difficulty and started to search for indentations with his hands. He smiled when he found some. He started to climb carefully.

Suddenly a flash light shone on his face, resulting in a slip. He cursed and looked around to spot the source of light.

“Going somewhere, Johnny boy?” asked the voice of his tormentor. “And I thought you’d be happy to meet your friend.” 


Priyanka (IN)



Priyanka has really got into the action and I like the whistling bullet and just enough dialogue so we can 'hear' the characters. I loved the "Going somewhere, Johnny boy?" Smashing stuff Priyanka.
I like an ending that leaves the reader wanting to turn the page.....Just what will happen when they meet. Is the friend the one we assume he is referring to? Marvellous possibilities there...
Thanks Raymond for always showing interest and encouraging to writer better.