Chapter 3

Written by: Jasmine Groves

“The Storm plucked us from the sky that day, like a dark and broody god.” Noland paused looking skyward. “It was like a descent into hell, the wind whistled through ripped metal, passengers on the plane screamed or sobbed in fear and nature was angry.”

He paused looking through the crowd as if searching for something “But the island… it was a place that time forgot, where time didn’t even tick by.” 

He met Angelica’s eyes across the darkened field, and yet she could still feel their burning intensity as they rooted her to the spot. Noland’s soothing baritone continued. “Our very world had fallen apart, everything we knew or felt safety in was gone.”

“I can’t even recall when my first conscious thoughts came to me after the crash. It was as if the Island was alive and had wrapped us in her sustenance.”

“As an academic who had dedicated his life to remote cultures, I found myself filled with both awe as well as trepidation… and then it came again… the storm pierced the sky, rumbling over and through the island. Its very life essence disturbed.”

“Looking through pelting rain you could feel eyes watching you, a predator hunting. When your world is falling apart, sometimes you need to trust in something that you fear. Trust in something unknown.”

He hesitated and shook his head as if looking for answers. “I barely recall that first storm, it’s like I blocked it from memory for my own protection, but the second one was a reawakening, something called to my very soul and said I had a choice to make.”

The crowd was in awe, twenty years was a long time and people wanted the truth. Was Dr Jeremiah Noland still insane or had he discovered a new world?

Angelica licked her lips, hoping that Noland would look her way again. It felt like he was talking directly to her.

“In life… you are on a pathway. Sometimes there is a crossroad and you need to choose right or left. Sometimes there is a bridge and you need to cross. Sometimes everything falls apart and you want to jump into the abyss and other times you just want to lie in the middle of the road and let it pass you by.”

His gaze swept the audience. “Be sure, none of these are easy choices.” With that he turned and started striding away. The crowd began murmuring about questions unanswered, a sense of disappointment settled over them.

Angelica was enraptured, her world was falling apart, she was at a crossroads and when she looked into Dr Noland’s eyes, it looked like he might have answers. He was a brilliant mind and had inspired her once before, perhaps he could bring her back from despair.

She nudged her shoulder into the people in front of her and started her slow path through the crowd.


I like the way you've linked Noland's experiences back to the 'falling/fallen apart' theme in the previous chapters. I wonder what Angelica's going to do now?
I wonder if Dr Noland has the power to give Angelica direction or the answers that will stop her world from falling apart. Dr. Noland's back story is fascinating and really well developed. Nicely done, Jasmine.